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About Us

About Us

Quick Message from the Founders

Hi Friends,

Our store has been providing excellent customer service since 1978. As a small town store we relied on our good reputation and word of mouth advertising to increase our customer base and keep doors open. In the past 35 years we have flourished and learned all the secrets of cleaning to share with you. Selling vacuums isn’t just a job for us, its a part of our lives and we take pride in upholding the reputation we have spent 35 years creating. Online shopping has given us a chance to reach out to a vast customer base to share our expertise and care. We know there are a lot of options to choose from when shopping on the web...and we thank you for choosing our family run business. We treat all of our customers with respect and truly enjoy what we do here at Vacuum Cleaner Market Inc. If you have any questions never hesitate to reach out to us. For us its not all about selling product, it's about helping you get what best fits your needs. We strive everyday to help people live cleaner lives.

Thank you and happy shopping,
Vacuum Cleaner Market 



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Vacuum Cleaner Market CEO Evan Gappelberg


Chief Executive Officer

Vacuum Cleaner Market COO Reuben Tozman


Chief Operating Officer

Vacuum Cleaner Market Warehouse Operations


Warehouse & Logistical Operations

Vacuum Cleaner Market Operations, Lauren Trapp


Operations | Content | Brand Outreach

Vacuum Cleaner Market Product Specialist Eva Brownfield


Product Specialist | Ordering

Vacuum Cleaner Market Customer Service, Adair McCall


Customer Service | Editor

Vacuum Cleaner Market Warehouse Operations, Tristan Keith


Warehouse | Amazon 

Vacuum Cleaner Market Warehouse Operations, Rick Faught


Shipping & Receiving

Vacuum Cleaner Market Pet Product Specialist, Sadie


Executive Product Tester

Vacuum Cleaner Market Executive Patience Tester, Buster


Assistant Fur Producer