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Air Purifiers

Air Purifiers

Air Purifiers

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Why purchase an air purifier?

If you suffer from allergies or asthma you can greatly improve your homes indoor air quality. Even for users just looking for healthier living, airborne viruses and bacteria are often the cause of infections, disease and respiratory troubles. In a world that is constantly under attack from airborne pollutants, help keep your family safe with air purifiers for your home.

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HEPA filters remove dangers from your home

We carry air purifiers that filter your homes air above and beyond the requirements that qualify for HEPA. The tiniest microorganisms and pollutants can sometimes be the most harmful. These air purifiers remove them from your home while emitting pure HEPA quality air.

Airborne pollutants found in your home

Dust Mite- Commonly found in upholstery or mattresses. They feed off human skin cells and fungus. They’re extremely light weight that allows them to easily become airborne.

Pet Dander- Found in your pets oil glands, saliva and skin cells. These microscopic cells are known to remain airborne for hours or even days. They commonly are related to asthma.

Pollen- Usually seasonal, these allergens commonly are present in the springtime. When flowers bloom they pollen microbes become airborne and can be inhaled. This causes nasal problems that many are allergic to.

Mold Spores- This is a fungus that is emits small spores into the air. When inhaled they cause allergic reaction and can even lead to infections.

Carbon Monoxide- This is a colorless, odorless and non-irritating poisonous gas. Comes from vehicle exhaust and burning of coal or wood among other sources. Carbon monoxide can be highly toxic and lead to serious health problems, even death.

Odors- Home air purifiers can even help with unwanted odors found in your home. Pets, mold and many other factors can all be the source for the unpleasant smells.