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AirFree Air Purifiers

AirFree air sanitizer and purifier: high function and simple design

AirFree air purifiers combine quality purification in a small compact design destroying 99.99% of microorganisms. At a fraction of the size of its leading competitors AirFree units greatly reduce airborne allergens, mold spores and dust particles. Where most companies use expensive filters and powerful fans, AirFree achieves its results from the patented Thermodynamic Sterilizing System.

What makes AirFree air purifiers better for users?

Noise is always a problem with larger air purifier units. The AirFree model purifiers are completely silent. They work 24 hours a day while never disturbing its customers. Other model air purifiers only work when the unit is turned on and the loud fans are running. They cannot provide users with constant purification activity like AirFree units do.

What model AirFree unit if for me?

AirFree currently offers four different models each designed for different needs. All units have the same technology, function and low maintenance features. The models go up in price according to the amount of area they are able to sterilize, ranging from 450 sq ft to 650 sq ft. The New Lotus model gives users the ability to change the aesthetically pleasing colors omitted by the unit.

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How AirFree air purifier units work

Air flows into the bottom of the unit entering ventilation slits cut out. The air then travels upwards entering the sterilization chamber where it is heated to 400* F, incinerating all airborne pollutants. The air then flows into a cooling chamber where it is cooled back to room temperature and releases back into your home through the top of the unit.

Airfree passes reduced operating and maintenance costs onto its owners

Many air purifiers need expensive filters to operate that can cost consumers upwards of $150 a year. With AirFree technology you will not have to worry about these costs. No replacement filters are ever needed. AirFree air sterilizers also operate and run at an energy consumption amount less than a standard light bulb. This saves users from the burden of ever increasing energy costs, not to mention doing their part for the environment.

Thermodynamic Sterilizing System: how it works

This is what makes AirFree technology different from its competitors. During this process the air in the machine is heated to 400* F. This naturally incinerates air borne pollutants. Where other air filters only trap the harmful particles, AirFree sterilizers completely destroys them. This means that gases and viruses are even eliminated. This cunning edge technology is changing the industry from air purification to air sterilization.

Airborne pollutants AirFree units are proven to eliminate

Mold and mildew, bacteria, ozone, viruses, dust mite allergens and even odors. These are common causes that can trigger asthma, respiratory allergies, disease and other infections. For existing allergy suffers or users just wanting clean air throughout their home, AirFree air sterilizers can improve living conditions.

Importance of indoor air quality: how AirFree helps?

Studies have shown that people now days spend up to 90% of their time indoors. That means that your health greatly relies on the quality of the air in your home or office. Studies have also shown that indoor air pollution can be 50 times greater than out door. This is because the lack of air circulation can act as an incubator for air pollutants. If users position AirFree sanitizing units in their home, the machine slowly begins sterilizing the air quality eliminating the harmful qualities. Independent studies have proven the effectiveness of an AirFree air purifier in your home.

Features that make AirFree units different from the rest

Energy consumption from AirFree air purifiers are an industry low, this alone makes them a cost effective option for potential customers. The zero maintenance design means users plug in their AifFree unit (they best function when placed on the floor) and forget about it. There are no timers to set, no filters to change and no noise output to deal with. AirFree purifiers also have no moving parts. This feature makes them more reliable and durable for consumers. No moving parts means less chance something breaks down. AirFree offers a 2 year warranty with all their units.

AirFree independent testing and sterilization effectiveness

The nature of an AirFree unit is users will probably not notice immediate results. Air naturally is drawn into the machine and sterilized. For areas to see the effect it usually takes between 21 and 35 days. After this time the results are amazing. 99.99% of the airborne microorganisms are eliminated providing optimal air quality. The AirFree air sterilizing machines have received many pollution certificates as a result of their superior technology.