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IQAir Air Purifiers

iq air air purifiers

IQAir Air purifiers: First in air quality

This is the slogan IQair lives by. Having won countless awards including the “Consumers Digest” best buy winner, IQAir still strives for constant improvement and innovative technology. This can be proven by the recent release of the IQAir new edition HealthPro residential air purifier series, where they managed to make notable improvements to the already # 1 rated IQAir HealthPro series.

Each and every IQAir purifier gets tested before it even leaves the manufacturing plant. This test ensures the units are delivering air that’s 99.97% free of pollutants down to 0.3 microns in size. A hand written certificate is then placed in the box explaining, detailing and guaranteeing the filtration levels your exact unit achieved. Good luck finding another company that goes to those lengths for your knowledge and peace of mind.

Swiss made IQAir purifiers: 100% healthy technology

With the introduction of the IQAir HyperHEPA filter in 2002, IQAir began achieving air purification levels thought only to be reached by multimillion dollar clean rooms. Since that time all the other air purifying companies have been trying to play catch up. From their energy consumption, multi filter purfying stages and sealed air system, IQAir has been the long time leaders in the residential air purifier industry.

IQAir Air Purifiers

IQAir leads the air purifier industry. Their machines clean particle up to 100x smaller than the competition. We carry the full line of the popular HealthPro series. These air purifiers are a must for anyone suffering from allergies or asthma.

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IQAir Filters

Replace your air purifier filters when recommended to ensure highest level performance. We have replacement filters for all the IQAir HealthPro series and Multigas series air purifiers.

  • Iqair Gas Cartridges

    IQAir Gas Cartridges

    • Removes odors and pollutants from the air with a mixture of filtering media
    • Fits IQAir MultiGas GC unit
    • Recommended replacement is every 2.5 yrs
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  • IQAir HEPA Filter

    IQAir HEPA Filter

    • Removes microns .003 in size and larger
    • Fits Health Pro, Health Pro Plus and Health Pro Compact models
    • Recommended replacement is every 2-4 yrs (depending on use)
    Free Shipping

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  • Iqair Pre Filter Element

    IQAir Pre-Filter Element

    • Removes pet dander and other larger particle spores
    • Fits all Health Pro models
    • Recommended replacement is every 8-12 months (depending on use)
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  • Iqair V 5 Cell Filters

    IQAir V-5 Cell

    • Removes odor and oxidizes pollutants
    • Fits Health Pro and Health Pro Plus
    • Recommended replacement is every 2 yrs (depending on use)
    Free Shipping

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  • Iqair Post Filter Sleeves

    IQAir Post-Filter Sleeves

    • Collects media fallout from gas cartridges
    • Fits GC Series, Dental Pro and Dental Hg units
    • Replace every 2.5 yrs
    Free Shipping

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  • IQAir HEPA H11S Filter For GC Unit

    IQAir Pre-Filter (H11S)

    • Provides initial filtering removing 99% of microns .3 in size and larger
    • Fits IQAir GC units
    • Recommended replacement is every year
    Free Shipping

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IQAir’s amazing HyperHEPA filter

This filter is the reason IQAir is the hands down industry leader. Where other companies can achieve HEPA filtration levels, no other company achieves ultrafine particle filtration like IQAir can. Studies have shown that about 90% of all airborne particles are ultrafine particles, this means they are .003 microns in size and smaller. Vehicle emission, industrial pollution and even cooking can create these fine particles. When these particles are inhaled they become absorbed in the blood stream and embedded in the lungs, leading to asthma, cancer, heart attacks and many other health problems. The IQAir HyperHEPA filters has been shown to filter 99.5% of these ultrafine particles. This means that IQAir achieves near HEPA filtration levels on particles 100x smaller than its competition can.

How does the air get filtered in an IQAir air purifier?

IQAir has created the most elite residential air purifiers of all time. Air gets drawn onto the unit using the most powerful fan ever created in residential air purifying.Once this takes place the air is driven into the first stage of air purifying.

The IQAir Pre-max pre filter removes larger particles such as pet dander, mold spores and pollen.

Next air is moved into the V-5 cell filter (optional in some models). This filter uses granular charcoal absorption to remove odors from the air. Also imbedded in this filter is a pelletize chemisorbtion function that removes other harmful chemicals.

Finally the air is siphoned thought the IQAir HyperHEPA filter. This filter is responsible for removing the ultrafine particles like bacteria and viruses. After air passes through this final filtering stage the power from the powerful fan blows the clean air in 320* of direction, helping to spread the healthy air evenly around your house.

An important feature that is often overlooked in the air purification process is the ability of unit to seal in air so none gets released throughout the whole purifying process. IQAir implements its knife edge sealing system, ensuring the complete unit tower is sealed air tight.

Specialty features found on IQAir units: they make life easier

A sophisticated control panel is on every IQAir air purifier. From here users can control automatic timers, telling your IQAir unit what hours operate. The six different power setting are also available and controlled from this panel. There is also a filter change system integrated into the control panel. This tells users how long their filters have left (displayed in hours). This takes the guesswork out of filter change, ensuring your IQAir is performing at its peak performance at all times.

A remote control also comes standard with every unit. This allows customers the ability to control on/off modes as well as adjust power settings, all from the comfort of their couch.

Wheels are also featured on all IQAir residential units. This means your IQAir unit can easily be transported out of the room when company comes over, or transported to the next room for direct air purification in that room.

The New Edition IQAir air purifiers are the quietest machines they have ever produced. The IQAir engineering team managed to reduce operating volume by 32%. This means you’ll hardly even notice your unit is running.

What’s the difference between the different IQAir air purifier models?

The main functions and surrounding technology remain the same throughout the IQAir Healthro series. The difference lies in sq ft cleaning capacity, filter options and unit size. The IQAir MultiGas series air purifiers specialize in the removal of harmful airborne gases. Both styles remove even the finest dust and allergens from the air.

Quality built throughout time: a little IQAir history

IQAir has been innovating air purifiers since 1963 offering the first residential air purifier in history for residents in Germany. Back then the effects of air pollution was not thought to be as detrimental to people’s health as doctors now know today. Asthma, allergies and other lung and respiratory problems can all be attributed to air pollution. In the year 2000 IQAir air purifiers became available in the United States. They became an instant hit and highly recommended among allergy and asthma suffers.