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Airfree P1000 room sanitizer

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Airfree P1000 Room Sanitizer

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The Airfree P1000 can sanitize rooms up to 450 sq ft. This makes this ideal for bedrooms ensuring mold, viruses, allergens and odors are destroyed. State of the art TSS technology heats air up to 400* F destroying 99.99% of all micro organisms. Airfree consumers can be confident with the knowledge their machines are ozone free, ion free, noise free and maintenance free. This not only makes it one of the most environmentally friendly purifiers but also one of the most cost effective by saving consumers $100's a year in filter replacement fees. Silent and small in size allows Airfree purifiers to be placed in any room with no disruption at all. The Airfree TSS technology has been accredited by multiple independent test institutions proving its affordable and effective method for purifying the air you breathe.