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Carpet Pro Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

Carpet Pro Commercial Vacuum Cleaners
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Carpet Pro Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

Carpet Pro Commercial Vacuums provide consumers with reliable and durable machines that get the job done time after time. Carpet Pro 2, Carpet Pro 2t, Carpet Pro 85t and Carpet Pro Backpack models are armed with a 3-wire cord making them suitable for commercial use. The all metal motors, bottom plate and brush rolls on the CPU 2 and CPU 2t can take the abuse commercial machines receive. The Carpet Pro 2t, Carpet Pro 85t and Carpet Pro Backpack models come with different attachments to help clean all the nooks and crannies where dust hides. The simple classic design delivers maximum suction to the flooring, while air is put through a 4 stage filtration process to ensure clean air is dispersed back into the room. The Carpet Pro family of commercial vacuums gives owners what they’re looking for at an affordable price.

What features make Carpet Pro commercial vacuums great?

Durability, that’s the key. The vacuums are manufactured with tough plastic housings that are strong yet still keep the overall vacuum weight to a minimum. They have metal motors, metal bottom plates, metal brush rolls, and metal handles. These all metal parts are very important when factoring the longevity of a vacuum. The powerful motor can handle even the toughest of tasks. Every feature is designed for commercial grade quality.

All metal parts: how they help your durability

The metal motor is the most important part of the unit. It is the one part that is not worth replacing if it fails. A common destroyer of vacuum motors is large harmful debris such as coins, nails and many other common items found in commercial areas. These items get sucked up and break the cheaply made motors, rendering the vacuum useless. Not in Carpet Pro commercial vacuum.

The all metal brush roll is also an important part of the durability equation. It has metal frame, ends and ball bearings. These means hair and fibers have a hard time melting in the sides of your brush roll, seizing the turning ability. Interchangeable brush strips also give users the ability to make their brush roll like new by replacing the inexpensive brush strips with fresh bristles.

The all metal handle and bottom plates delay the wear and tear on the vacuum. Often times employees aggressively handle the machines and break plastic parts. Constant repair on these vacuums can often add up to serious amounts of money, avoid these cost with higher quality metal parts.

All Carpet Pro commercial vacuums have 3 wire commercial cords

The Carpet Pro commercial cords are durable, thick and extra long allowing a larger cleaning radius for less outlet change and faster cleaning. No cheap plastic cord hook here either. Carpet Pro vacuum cords rest on a strong metal hook keeping the cord from tangling.

Accessories for specialty cleaning

Some Carpet Pro commercial vacuums come with a hose, wand and attachment tools. This means furniture, upholstery and other jobs can be cleaned effectively.