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Carpet Pro Household Vacuums

Carpet Pro Household Vacuums
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Carpet Pro residential Vacuum Cleaners

Carpet Pro House Hold Vacuum Cleaners give users the durable reliability you expect from the name Carpet Pro as well as other features handy around the house. Dust brush, crevice tool and headlights are provided with most units allowing users to pick up dust that usually goes unseen. The aggressive brush roll on these machines easily lifts dirt from all piles of carpet. Backed by a 1 year warranty and having 4 levels of air filtration makes these machines ideal for consumers looking to deep clean their home.

Carpet Pro residential model vacuums

Carpet pro has taken the power of a commercial vacuum and installed it into a household vacuum body. The 10 amp motor has great suction and the aggressive spinning brush roll can pick up anything in its path. There are four different models offered to suit your specific cleaning needs. High quality vacuum bags and filters reduce the pollutants in your home.

Household Vacuums

Household Vacuums

Features of most Carpet Pro residential vacuum models

These upright vacuum cleaners have vacuum bags and filters to help indoor air quality. No dust cup here as this has been found to greatly increase the risk of airborne dust particles in home.

There is a port in the back of the each machine for a hose. This hose fits all 1.25” tools and attachments. On board attachments (crevice and dust brush) are given to assist users in their cleaning duties.

All the Carpet Pro household models have headlights. These front lights highlight dirt and debris in dark cleaning areas around the home. These lights illuminate sometimes unseen dust particles to ensure users get a thorough clean.

Furniture bumper pads line the edge of your vacuum cleaner. These rubber bumpers protect your furniture and walls from dings and dents. Cleaning should not be hazardous to your house and these protective bumpers ensure that it is not.

Maintenance of your Carpet Pro vacuum

Be sure to keep your machine running smooth by performing a couple of simple regular maintenance procedures. First make sure your vacuums bags are changes when they get ¾ full. This ensures your machine will have full suction and your motor can breathe properly. Vacuum filter change can improve the quality of air released back into your home. Change when filter displays discoloration from overuse. Be sure and change your vacuum belts when you notice performance drops. A new tight belt ensures your brush roll spins quickly and powerfully. Old stretched out belts mean a slower turning brush roll with low torque capabilities. Really old belts sometimes lose the ability to spin your brush roll on higher pile carpets.