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Carpet Pro Vacuum Bags and Filters

Carpet Pro Vacuum Bags and Filters
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Carpet Pro Vacuum Bags & Filter

Here at Vacuum Cleaner Market we offer all the necessary replacement parts to keep your machines running smoothly. Regular replacement of the vacuum belt assures the brush roll keeps tension and allows easy pickup from carpeting. Carpet Pro only makes 2 types of vacuum bags (one for their uprights and one for their backpack) making things simple for users while providing high levels of filtration. These low maintenance machines don’t believe in all the gadgets other companies do…just good old fashion functionality.

Carpet Pro vacuum bags and filters

We carry the full stock of bags and filters. The bags have an allergy liner that removes 99% of particles down to .1 micron is size and larger. Multiple filters are offered to help further filter down the air that is released back into your home or office.

We ship fast offering 1 day handling on most all items. Spend $25 or more and receive free shipping on your order.

Carpet pro Bags

Carpet pro Bags
  1. Carpet Pro 3Pk Vacuum Bags
    Carpet Pro Vacuum Bags (3pk)
    100% of 100
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    Please Note This Item is No Longer Being Made. Please Click Here to See The Item Replacement. This Item is now only sold in a 6 Pack.

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  2. cpu cmps-pf filter
    Carpet Pro Exhaust Filter
    100% of 100
    was $10.99 Special Price $9.99
  3. cpu cmps-sf filter
    Carpet Pro Secondary Filter
    was $7.99 Special Price $5.99

Bag and filter change can save your vacuum. When changed regularly the motor of your vacuum can breathe properly. We ship genuine bags and filters purchased from the Tacony company. Make us your source for Carpet Pro vacuum bags and filters.