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Dyson Vacuum Heating and Cooling Fans

Dyson Vacuum Heating and Cooling Fans
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Dyson Heating and Cooling Fans

Dyson has created powerful fans for personal or whole room climate control. These fans operate quietly while blowing hot or cold air, all at the touch of a convenient remote. Spinning blades are noisy and less efficient that the new Dyson Airflow fans.

Reduce your carbon footprint in comfort

The new Dyson fans run up to 75% quieter than the previous models. They also have cut energy consumption between 40% -10% between the different models. This means more efficiency and less pollution.

No blades, no problem

Dyson hot +cold fans do not have blades. They use streamlined paths to seamlessly produce a powerful airflow. Each fan comes with 10 different fan speeds for all situations and needs. The bladeless design has a sleek look, is safer during operation and is also exponentially easier to clean.

Remote control

You can now turn your Dyson fan on/off without even getting up. The Dyson units have sleep timers that range from 15 mins to 9 hrs allowing for great diversity.