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e-Cloth Glass & Polishing Cloth (2 Pack)
Streek Free Shine

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Product Descriptions

These eCloth are designed for glass and other surface polishing. There are (2) of the same cloths in this pack, and colors may vary. These cloths leave a streak free shine behind and do not leave the dust or fibers behind like most other microfiber cloths. We have found these cloths to be not only excellent at cleaning glass surfaces, but stainless steel, counters, cars, and delicate furniture!

These cloths are designed to last over 300 washes. 1 cloth per pack.

Fiber Construction- The material of these glass / polish cloths leaves no streaking behind. They are greak for all window or reflective surfaces.

Durable Construction- Each cloth is guaranteed for 300 washes.

Environmental- The use of non-disposable microfiber cloths are exponentially better for the environment than paper towels or other disposable counterparts.

Green Cleaning- No chemicals necessary. Just use water to avoid bringing potentially harmful chemicals into your home. Indoor air pollution and even environmental damage can be caused by some modern day cleaning agents.

  • 16" x 20"
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