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eCloth Floor Cleaning Kit - MicroFiber Pads

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eCloth Floor Cleaning Kit - MicroFiber Pads

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Great on All Hard Flooring!

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Product Descriptions

This eCloth Floor Cleaning Kit arms users with 1 Deep Clean Mop Head and Handle with 1 Deep Clean Mop Head attached, and 2 Spare Deep Clean Mop Heads. Use these mops heads for both "heavy duty" and "delicate" hard floor cleaning. The pivoting and swivel feature allows you to glide around and get under all furniture effortlessly.

3 mop heads give you the ability to clean your entire home without using the same cloth for bathrooms and extra dirty areas.

Why we Love eCloths for Hard Flooring:
-Durability: Guaranteed for over 300 washes.
-EcoFriendly & Safe: With just water, eCloth microfiber cloths remove over 99% of bacteria!
-Cleaning Ability: The best at picking up dirt and grime, without needing to get on your hands and knees!
-Versatility: You can use these with your favorite hard floor cleaner, just water, polish, or even dry!
-Lays Completely Flat: Now you can get under all your furniture!

These mop heads can also be used dry or slightly damp as a quick pick up for crumbs as an alternative for having to pull out the vacuum.
Ensure your floors remain clean and join the “Green Cleaning” movement.