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Eureka vacuums: I found it

The word Eureka translates to “I found it “in Greek. This is why Eureka vacuum founder choose this name for his company back in 1909. He knew he would be innovating cunning edge technology for many years to come. That’s right, Eureka has been producing products since the early 1900’s. Now days Eureka specializes in providing customers with quality vacuum cleaners at rock bottom prices.

Eureka vacuum brand is one of the most popular brands nationwide. You can find them in stores everywhere. This makes it incredibly easy to find replacement parts and common vacuum supplies (bags and filters). Eureka has been known to produce award winning machines, often seen at the top of “consumer report” and “consumer digest” product rating publications.

Eureka: doing its part for the environment

As a company Eureka has focused a lot of its efforts on environmental safety, preservation and health. Changing in vacuum filtration standards reduced the harmful emissions omitted from your vacuum. Eureka has begun to remove Styrofoam from vacuum packaging, greatly cutting back on non biodegradable waste created. Many of Eureka’s newest vacuum models have received awards for their green conscious cleaning ability. Anything from vacuum energy consumption to cutting down landfill waste, Eureka is doing its part.

Eureka makes a vacuum for every purpose

The Eureka vacuum company offers an extremely large variety of vacuum types. Anywhere from canister to upright, bagged to bag less, Eureka makes a vacuum for you. Do some research to find out which model can fulfill all your cleaning needs, it will make your life much easier and could save you some money in the long run.