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Eureka Vacuum Bags and Filters
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Eureka Vacuum Bags and Filters


Eureka vacuum bags and filters: we have a huge selection

Eureka has been making vacuums for a very long time. The company offers many styles of vacuum bags and filters. We have worked hard to stock not only the most popular models, but the more exotic ones also. We carry genuine Eureka brand vacuum bags and filters in most every model

Here at we ship your products with lighting speed. Orders over $25 all ship free as well. If you cannot find the model filter or type of bag you need contact us. We can order it for you or point you in the correct direction. Feel free to call or send us an email with all your questions.

Eureka Vacuum Bags    

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Look at our extensive variety of genuine and generic Eureka vacuum bags.

Eureka Vacuum Filters    

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Need a new vacuum filter? Get your replacement Eureka vacuum filters here.

When is it time to replace your vacuum bag?

Eureka vacuum bags are designed to trap and dispose of dust and grim. But they are also designed to allow air through the walls which gives your vacuum motor the necessary air to breath. When the vacuum gets too full your motor will not function properly, this can even lead to vacuum motor breakdown. With regular replacement of your Eureka vacuum bags this can be avoided.

How do I know I need a new Eureka vacuum filter?

Vacuum filters filter the air that gets released back into your home. When the filter becomes too dirty it loses the ability to filter as effectively. Vacuum motors can also experienced reduced suction power when filters are too full. To extend the life of your Eureka filter you can clean it off regularly, but know that it is better to get a new filter when the dirt build up becomes too great.