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Heating, Cooling, Air Quality

Heating, Cooling, Air Quality

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Air Quality: Heating and Cooling

There are many brands and options available in the air purification world that also include not only purification, but also heating and cooling abilities. We love supporting brands that make things simple, and we only carry brands who support good business practices, and have the bst quality and performance. The brands you see listed on our website under air purification are all brands we have thoroughly vetted, have personally tested, and products we use in our own homes.

Just Air Purification

There are benefits to choosing an air purifier that only provides air purification. Brands that focus on purification specialize in purifying your air to the best ability. These brands have different levels of purification- rangins for pet owners, users who want HEPA filtration, or users concerned with removing chemicals and other contaminants from their air.

Heating and Cooling Purification

There are also brands that include not only air purification, but also have heating and or cooling abilities. These machines are ideal for users in smaller homes, or users looking for a dual- function appliance. These machines are good for parents and pet owners as most of these machines include a remote and apps that you can operate remotely.