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Hoover Vacuums

Hoover has long been the industry standard for vacuum cleaners in America. Since 1908 Hoover has been making vacuum cleaners, floor cleaners, steam cleaner, carpet cleaners and many other style units to help clean your household from top till bottom. Trust the name that has earned the reputation of quality and performance for more than the last 100 yrs.

Large Diversity

Hoover carries one of the largest array of floor care cleaners in the world. They of course make vacuum cleaners for your standard residential home. Steam cleaners to help lift dirt and grime from hard flooring. Carpet shampooers rinse and scrub your carpet fibers while simultaneously pulling the water from your carpet for a dry finish. Stick vacuums are great for small areas or “tidy-ups” between real deep cleans. Central vacuums allow users to plug their hoses into outlets in the wall, while the main canister is safely and securely collecting dirt / debris in the garage. Full commercial line is also available for hotels, schools, cleaning businesses or any other daily use situation where durability is the main concern. Finally Hoover has even dipped their toe into air purifiers, helping to make the air you breath clean and healthy.