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Hoover Vacuum Bags and Filters

Hoover Vacuum Bags and Filters
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Hoover Vacuum Bags & Filters


Remember to change your Hoover vacuum bags and filters!

We see a lot of vacuum cleaners come in for repair that are clogged, have a burning smell or the customer just says that there is a loss of suction¬Ě. All of these problems can usually be avoided by changing your vacuum bags and filters with regularity. Vacuum cleaners perform best when they have maximum airflow. As filters become dirty or vacuum bags begin to fill, the airflow becomes inhibited creating potential performance problems as well as permanent damage to your vacuum cleaner.

Buy genuine whenever possible

As a consumer you will be presented with lots of options when buying replacement Hoover vacuum bags and filters. We recommend buying the genuine Hoover brand to help ensure the proper fit and airflow. While we offer generic brand replacement parts and they do perform great for the most part, consumers who truly care about performance and longevity will be best suited using genuine Hoover vacuum bags and replacement filters.