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Hoover Vacuum Parts & Accessories

Shampoo & Chemicals

Hoover vacuum parts and accessories

As with the nature of any machine or appliance, there are occasionally steps that must be made to maintain the upkeep of your vacuum cleaner. With consistent change of the brush roll, belts and any other parts that may become worn with time, your vacuum cleaner will last much longer and show peak performance for most of that time.



Shampoo and Chemicals

Use genuine Hoover shampoo

Be careful when considering using other brand of shampoo and cleaner inside of your Hoover carpet and steam cleaning units. The formula is specially designed to foam a certain amount to keep the unit lubricated while not swamping the motor at the same time.

Give us a call

If you need a part and do not see it….give us a call (1.877.819.6857). We are warranty dealers and can get any Hoover part that is still available for sale. We also stock a wide variety of Hoover accessories that might not be listed here but can be sold over the phone.