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IQAir New Edition HealthPro Air Purifier

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Product Descriptions

The IQAir HealthPro system can turn any room from a cesspool of air pollutants into a clean air haven. Armed with the convenient control panel allowing users to program operating times in the systems memory, the IQAir HealthPro can provide consistent quality air when you most desire. Improvements in the machines casing guarantee zero air leaks so all air is forced through the entire filtration process. The dual filtering stages remove 99.95% of microns bigger than .003 in size. This quality of air filtration qualifies this machine as hospital-grade, the benchmark for all air purifiers to reach. If desired users have an option of later adding the V5-Cell filter to the tower for enhanced gas filtration.

Six Different Speeds- The IQAir HealthPro unit has six different fan speed settings. From low to high, this unit can provide users with any and all desired air purification settings.

 Filter Life Indicator- Your HealthPro unit is armed with indicator lights to allert you when your machines filters are in need of a change. Your HyperHEPA Filter usually last between 2-5 years and the PreMax Filter needs to generally be changed every 6-18 months. All these estimates are based on standard use.

Automatic Timer-  IQAir home air purifiers can be set to turn on/off at desired speeds automatically. This means you can customize your machine to run while your at work, school or whatever obstacles you face in in daily clean air maintenance.

Individually Tested-  Your IQAir HealthPro unit comes tested and certified before it ever leaves the factory. Your unit will come with a signed certificate how your unit performed so your machine is working at the highest levels.

  #1 Air Purifier in Hospitals-  IQAir is the #1 used air purifier in hospitals worldwide. This means IQAir is trusted by healthcare professionals in environments where air quality is most sensitive. You can now have the same great air purifier trusted by doctors everywhere.

  • The PreMax Pre-Filter removes larger airborne particles providing the first line of defense against air pollution.
  • HyperHEPA Filter is the most technologically advanced filter on the market. The ability to remove 99.95%+ of microns .003 in size and bigger gives it the ability to filter particles up to 100x smaller than competing air purifiers.
  • These 2 levels of filtration combine to deem this machine as hospital-grade air quality eligible
  • The HealthPro provides clean air coverage up to 975 sq ft
  • Red Label fan increases energy efficiency while lowering noise output. Your HealthPro has vibration absorbing fittings and special noise insulation pads that surround the fan making the unit run almost silent at the lowest setting
  • Knife-edge seals ensue all air flow is directed through all stages of the HealthPro filtration process. This means no polluted air escapes into your home
  • Four 360* wheels make maneuvering your IQAir HealthPro easy and convenient
  • Filter replacement is made simple with the new modular tower design (no tools necessary)
  • 320* air dispersion means more purified air is dispersed evenly into your home
  • A handy remote control can be used to control the HealthPro from a distance. A storage spot is located on top of the machine to help avoid misplacement
  • An upgraded control panel with automatic day/night timers and 6 fan speeds give your unit versatility. Color coded filter lights alert user users when their filter life is nearing the end, allowing for the highest quality air filtration possible
  • Spot for V5-Cell odor and gas filter for future upgrades if desired
  • Made in Switzerland ensuring highest of quality
  • IQAir full 5 year warranty parts and labor (excludes filters)
http://vacuumcleanermarket.com/media/wysiwyg/ownersmanual/HealthPro-New-Edition-User-Manual.pdfIQAir New Edition HealthPro, HyperHEPA Filter (Installed), PreMax Pre-Motor Filter (Installed), Power Cord, Remote Control, Certificate of Testing, Owners Manual, Warranty Card
IQAir New Edition HealthPro, HyperHEPA Filter (Installed), PreMax Pre-Motor Filter (Installed), Power Cord, Remote Control, Certificate of Testing, Owners Manual, Warranty Card
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