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Kirby Universal Fit Cloth Vacuum Bags (6pk)

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Kirby Universal Fit Cloth Vacuum Bags (6pk)

Part: 204811

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Great for Allergens and Asthma!

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These Kirby universal Fit vacuum bags come in a package of 6. Quality cloth construction ensures users excellent filtration, helping to provide clean air dispersion back into your home. These special made bags fit both older models and newer models with the “securing tabs” on the connector. For a full list of models that these bags fit please see below. Genuine Kirby part # 204811. **Note, the newer packaging for these bags. These replace the older green and blue packaging**


These Kirby Universal Fit Vacuum Bags Come in a Package of 6. The quality cloth construction ensures excellent filtration, providing clean air dispersion back into your home. Genuine Kirby Part #204811. These bags fits Generation 3 to Newer Kirby Model including:

Kirby Sentria (G10, SE, SE2), Ultimate G Diamond ( G7D, DE, UGD ), Generation 6 ( G6, G six ), Generation 5 ( G5, G five ), Generation 4 ( G4, G four ), Ultimate G ( G7, UG ), Generation 3 ( G3, G three ), Legend, Heritage, Tradition

Quantity Per Package: 6 Kirby HEPA Filtration Vacuum Bags
Replaces Part No : 197308 , 197209 ,197208 , 197309