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Kirby Vacuum Bags

Kirby Vacuum Bags

Kirby makes different kind of vacuum bags for every customer. If you are a customer who has asthma, allergies or just truly cares about your indoor air quality, we recommend Kirby HEPA cloth vacuum bags. The thick construction helps trap and filter harmful pollutants from being released back into your homes

Kirby Bags

Proper Kirby vacuum bag maintenance

We see lots of our users bringing their Kirby vacuums in for repair for reasons that could be easily avoided. We want to remind users be constantly be changing their vacuum bags. When the bag gets too full it can cause many problems. First the unit begins to lose suction as the motor has to work harder to pull air through the jammed bag. Debris also slowly begins to back up in the hosing. This can cause the motor to overheat or stop picking up debris all together.

We also see some people who do not take the time to put their Kirby vacuum bag on good and tight. The bag can then fall off causing the debris you are picking up to be released all over the inside of the cloth exterior bag. This can cause huge effects on filtration as it is very messy and indoor dust is sure to get blown back into your home. Your vacuum motor can also see some of the effects limiting suction ability.