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Kirby Vacuum Parts

Kirby Vacuum Parts

As a Kirby owner you know that if you take proper care of your Kirby vacuum that it will indeed last for years. We offer a full selection of replacement parts and accessories for your particular model. We stock genuine Kirby manufactured parts so you can be assured that your are receiving the high quality you have been accustomed to. We do however recommend you take your Kirby in to your local repair shop for major work

Kirby Parts

Our Kirby vacuum parts are genuine
At Vacuum Cleaner market we stock genuine Kirby vacuum parts. If you do not see what you need give us a call. We carry almost every replacement part available for a Kirby.

Regular maintenance is a must
We recommend to our customers that they bring in their vacuums cleaners for a yearly or bi-yearly service, depending on use. Just like you need to get oil changes for your car, a good cleaning and tuning can greatly increase performance as well as increase the lifespan of your vacuum. Kirby vacuums commonly last 40 - 50 years when taken care of.

Tips from the experts
Brushrolls are a common item that must be replaced on your vacuum cleaner. What happens is that hair and string slide to the edges of the roller and jam up the bearings that allow the brush roll to turn freely. To help make your brush roll last as long as it can we recommend that you regularly cut hair and string that gets wrapped around the roller. Replace worn parts before they get too far damaged. Often times we see customers that bring their Kirby vacuums in with multiple parts damaged. This is caused because they put off fixing one problem for too long, which in turn creates a whole new set of problems. Better to spend the time and fix a problem, then have a bunch of problems soon thereafter.