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Miele AA50 Active AirClean Charcoal Filter
Great for Pet Owners

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The Miele Active AirClean 50 filter fits in S4000, S5000, S6000, S8000, C2 & C3 series Miele canister vacuums.

This filter removes 99.95%+ of microns .5 or greater in size and has a thin layer of charcoal to remove unwanted odors from the air. Although not as efficient as the HA-50 HEPA filter it still does a great job at removing odors and dust from blow back into your home.

Miele has recommended changing once a year for standard user volumes (or approx. 50hrs of use). A tab has been added to help users track the life of the filter and maintain optimal performance.


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Fits Miele Vacuum Models: 
Sirius S4210 Antares S4210 Capella S4210 Carina S4210
Neptune S4212 Polaris S4212 Luna S4580 Eclipse S4582
Orion S4780 Ariel S5211 Pisces S5281 Libra S5281
Callisto S5281 Leo S5381 Gemini S5381 Earth S5481
Aquarius S5580 Capricorn S5981 Blue Moon S658 Red Velvet S6270
Quartz S6270 / C2 Onyx S6270 / C2 Topaz S6270 / C2 Jasper S6290 / C2
Home Care S6290 / C2 Cat & Dog S8280 / C3 Calima S8390 / C3 Kona S8390 / C3
Home Care S8390 / C3 Alize S8590 / C3 Marin S8590 / C3 UniQ S8990
FreshAir S8390  Brilliant C3   ***There are more models not found here, these are just the most common.  
  • AirClean filters removes 99.95% of microns .05 in size and above
  • Charcoal layer to remove odors
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