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miele active airclean filters

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Miele AirClean SF-SAC 20/30 Filters (3pk)

Part: 3944711

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Genuine Miele Filters

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Product Descriptions

This package contains 3 genuine Miele Active AirClean Filters SF-SAC 20/30.

These "post motor" filters help capture and seal in dust for easy removal from your home and indoor air. Each filter has a special “cut line” to help customers fit the filter into their specific model.

This is the same filter that comes in each package of genuine Miele vacuum bags, but is designed for the user that likes to replace it on a more frequent basis.

We recommend you change your AirClean filters at least every 4 vacuum bags. However, if you live in a high-dust area, or clean very frequently, we recommend changing these filters when they start to appear "dirty." Changing your filters regularly will allow your vacuum to breathe to it's full potential, and will not put any stress on your motor. This will in turn prolong the life of your vacuum. 


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