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Miele Alize Complete C3 Canister Vacuum Cleaner Shipping

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Hard Flooring

Miele Alize Complete C3 Vacuum Cleaner

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All Hard Flooring & Delicate Carpeting or Area Rugs

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Product Descriptions

The Miele Alize Complete C3 proves Miele has taken vacuuming to a whole new level when creating the new C3 series vacuums. This model is perfect for users with mostly hard flooring, and limited, low pile area rugs. This model is ideal for users with delicate area rugs or carpeting which cannot be cleaned using a spinning brush roll. This models combo floor tool does not have a spinning portion, and cleans via air driven suction. From the AH 50 HEPA filter providing the highest quality filtration available to details as subtle as pressure filled tires with shock absorbers, everything has been thought of. The newly designed handle makes holding the SBD 285-3 Combo Floor Tool  ergonomically pleasing.

The generous hose and wand will also help you have a more enjoyable cleaning experience. A spotlight has been added to help light the way to a clean house. New body designs have reduced body weight and captured noise making it an even quieter dust assassin. The outer bumper protects precious furniture and walls from scratching. A state of the art automatic suction control makes going from surface to surface effortless-while still maintaining maximum necessary power. Along with the dust bag indicator light a new filter light has also been added so you are guaranteed to improve air quality in your home while simultaneously cleaning.

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