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Miele Compact C2 Electro+ Plus Canister Vacuum Cleaner
Ideal for Mixed Flooring!

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The Miele C2 Compact Electro + canister vacuum cleaner is ideal for customers with both hard surface flooring and carpeting. A 5 height electric power head allows you to clean multiple carpet piles and is suitable for large surface areas of carpet. You will also get a parquet floor tool for hardwood, tile, laminate or any other hard surface flooring. The C2 Electro Plus also comes with a HEPA filter and completely sealed system. This makes it ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers. 3 extra attachments, 6 suction setting and integrated cord winder round out this complete and versatile Miele vacuum cleaner.

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Hard Flooring





User Benefits: This vacuum gives you everything you need to clean your entire home. You get a premium power brush and HEPA filter at a mid price point. The smaller compact body makes it a bit lighter and easier to use.

User Cons: For the $ value, there is no real cons. If you wanted to try and find something wrong with this unit, you could point out that the tools are stored exteriorly on a vario clip instead of inside the canister.  However this does not affect your cleaning ability, just your convenience.


SEB 228 Powerhead- 5 height adjustments help make this power head suitable for almost every height carpeting available. Large rubber wheels keep it from sinking too far into the carpet, allowing it to gently guide across the top of the carpet. This makes for ideal for cleaning and easy push.

SBB Parquet-3 Floor Brush- The C2 Electro + floor brush comes with 2 rows of soft bristles that gently dust the floor while hugging tight to your wall edges. There is also 2 rubber wheels on the bottom of the brush so you can apply downward cleaning pressure and maintain a smooth glide.

6 Speed Suction Dial- The C2 Compact series has 6 different suction settings to help you clean a variety of surfaces. Use max suction for hard flooring, medium suction for carpeting and low suction for drapes.

3 Onboard Tools- Crevice tool, upholstery tool and dust brush all come on a storage clip on the top of the Electro Plus. This convenient storage method ensures that you always have the tool you need when you need it.

Small Canister Body- Small and compact, this vacuum cleaner is more mobile and easier to store than its counterparts. The Compact Electro + is lightweight and easy to store inside any size home.

HEPA Filter & Sealed System- The Electro Plus canister comes with a HEPA filter pre-installed. This filter traps and removes micro particles from your home ensuring top notch indoor air quality. Round out your filtration with a completely sealed system that ensures 100% of the air is put through the entire filtration process before it is released back into your home.

FJM AirClean Dustbag- The Miele Compact Electro + uses FJM AirClean bags, each featuring the highest level of dust filtration on the market. Each bag has 9-ply construction and features a self-sealing spring loaded top to trap dust upon bag removal. The rugged random spun material ensures this bag is almost un-tearable.

Vortex Motor- Every Miele has a Vortex 1200w ultra quiet vacuum motor. This motor is built for high performance as well as longevity. Backed by Miele's 7 year warranty, this motor is at the top of the class.

Foot Pedal Cord winder- With internal cord storage, Miele canister vacuums are easy to store and limit cord damage. Step on a foot pedal and the cord is neatly wound up providing the customer with convenience.

1k hours test- To ensure that all components of the Miele C2 Compact canister vacuum cleaner hold up for the average residential use over a 20 years, Miele runs its vacuums through a 1,000 hours of testing. They make sure the machine runs smoothly the whole time while never losing performance capabilities.

Daily Stress Test- The C2 Compact Electro Plus vacuums are put through the most stressful of simulated daily activity. Doorway jams, wall bumping, twisting and turning are just a few of the tests. Any real life stress your vacuum could possibly face it has already seen it in the developmental stage. This ensures the vacuums leaving production are ready for the real world.


  • SBB Parquet-3 floor tool
  • SEB 228 power head
  • SET 220 Stainless steel electric telescopic wand
  • 6 suction setting rotary dial
  • SF HA-50 HEPA filter and Pre-motor Filter
  • FJM clean air bag, 3.7qt self sealing bag
  • Completely sealed filtration system
  • Bag change indicator gauge
  • Vario clip w/ crevice tool, dust brush and upholstery tool attachments
  • Compact & Lightweight plastic body
  • Quiet operation volume….no more obnoxious loud vacuum noise!!
  • 29.5 ft vacuuming reach and touch button retractable cord
  • 3 non-marking wheels with 360° maneuverability
  • Miele 1200 watt Vortex Motor
  • Miele 7 year warranty (motor and casing) and 1 year warranty for parts
  • Compact C2 Electro+ Canister
  • SEB 228 per head
  • SBB Parquet-3 floor brush
  • Crevice tool, Upholstery tool & Dust brush
  • FJM bag
  • SF HA-50 HEPA filter

  • Compact C2 Electro+ Canister
  • SEB 228 per head
  • SBB Parquet-3 floor brush
  • Crevice tool, Upholstery tool & Dust brush
  • FJM bag
  • SF HA-50 HEPA filter

Warranty Info:

(2) Year All inclusive Warranty with Miele USA

All Warranty Aspects Begin on the Date of Purchase

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