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miele gn bags & ha50 filter pack

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Miele Performance Pack - 16 GN Bags & 1 SF-HA50 HEPA Filter

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Over 20% Savings On The Bundle

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Product Descriptions

This Miele performance pack gives you 16 GN HEPA cloth vacuum bags and 1 SF-HA 50 HEPA filter. When you purchase in a bundle you save over 20% cost vs buying these items separately. Each Miele vacuum bags is constructed of 9 layers of randomly spun fibers for excellent filtration and durability. The HEPA filter removes micro particles and allergen spores, making it a necessity for asthma and allergy sufferers. This pack is designed to supply customers with 1 - 1.5 years of Miele supplies. Remember to not overfill your vacuum bags, pay attention to your bag fill indicator or 75% full is a good rule of thumb. Please look below to see what Miele models this pack fits.