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Miele Performance Pack - 16 GN Bags & 1 SF-HA50 HEPA Filter
Over 20% Savings On The Bundle

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This Miele performance pack gives you (16) GN HEPA Air Clean Cloth Vacuum Bags, (1) SF-HA 50 HEPA Filter, and (4) Motor Filters. When you purchase in a bundle you save over 20% cost vs buying these items separately. This pack is designed to supply customers with 1 - 1.5 years of Miele supplies. 

Each Miele vacuum bags is constructed of 9 layers of randomly spun fibers for excellent filtration and durability that are also HEPA filtered. The separate HEPA filter removes micro particles and allergen spores, making it a necessity for asthma and allergy sufferers. The enlosed motor filters ensure you only have the items you need for your machine, and no need to discard items you won't use. We love less waste!

Remember to not overfill your vacuum bags. Please pay close attention to your bag fill indicator as less strain on your motor means a longer motor life. Changing your bags at 75% capacity is a good rule of thumb. Please look below to see what Miele models this pack fits.


See All Miele Bags and Filters

Fits all Miele Canister Vacuums That Take a GN Vacuum Bag and a SH HA 50 HEPA Filter.

Questions on Compatibility With Your Machine? Contact Us! 

  • 16 GN HEPA bags
  • 1 SF-HA 50 HEPA filter
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