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miele soft carpet c3 complete vacuum cleaner

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Hard Flooring

Miele Soft Carpet C3 Complete Vacuum Cleaner

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All Pile Carpeting: Even High & Ultra Plush

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The Miele Soft Carpet C3 Complete vacuum cleaner was specially designed and engineered for customers with the new “Ultra Soft” carpeting. The problem with this new carpeting is that the power heads tend to sink down too far into the carpet. This makes it very difficult to push as well as effects the suction ability.

Miele has solved this by using extra large wheels, large cleaning base and 2 special height settings on the power head. Combined with a special “soft carpet” suction setting and you finally have an effective vacuum for this new style carpeting. Users also receive a deluxe parquet floor brush for all of their hard flooring needs.

This vacuum cleaner does not leave out filtration either, it boasts a completely sealed system and HEPA filter making it ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers. The Miele Soft carpet C3 Complete vacuum cleaner has a host of other functions as well to provide you with the best vacuuming experience.

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