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Miele Canister Vacuums

Miele Canister Vacuums
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Miele Canister Vacuums

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Whats the difference between all the Miele canister vacuums?

Miele makes a variety of different canister vacuums to suit every conceivable consumer need. The main difference between the many models is the floor / power heads they give you. Some canister models use straight suction and only come with floor tools. Other models offered incorporate electric power heads with spinning brush rolls. Some models even come with both giving user the best of both worlds.

Complete C3 Series

Classic C1 Series

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CX1 Series

How can I decide which models best fits my needs?

Luckily Miele makes a model that is ideal for your situation. If your home has carpeting you are going to want a canister with an electric power head. This means you will be armed with a spinning brush roll to grab debris from your carpet fibers. For consumers with mostly hard flooring, you can look at Miele canisters that only have floor tools and use straight suction. Many of the models that Miele offers come with power heads and floor tools that can handle homes with mixed flooring. A floor tool and power head is provided so users can easily switch depending on which application best suits their current need.

No matter the model: air filtration standards are the highest

Miele canister vacuums give users a 12 stage filtration system that removes 99.95% of all microns down to 0.5 in size. This filtration level can be further enhanced by adding the optional HEPA filter. Many Miele canisters come with the upgraded HEPA filter from the factory. These vacuums are ideal for allergy suffers, pet owners or users in search for the purest air quality.

Do the motors differ in Miele canister vacuums?

No, they are all the same. The powerful 1200 watt vortex motor is present in all Miele canister vacuum models. Miele does not make their top tier canister vacuums superior to their lower price point models. The only difference lays in the functions they are capable of performing and the luxury features that accompany the vacuum.

Features common in all Miele canister vacuums

All Miele canister vacuums come with all rubber wheels. Where other brands use plastic wheels that can damage sensitive flooring, Mile canisters have non abrasive, non marking castor wheels. The three wheel 360* turning design means better maneuverability around your furniture.

Tools are also given with every single Miele canister vacuum. The standard 3 tools (dust brush, crevice tool and upholstery tool) give users cleaning versatility. The Miele Cat and Dog S8 canister comes with an extra handheld turbo brush that attaches on the end of the hose and easily removes pet hair from couches, chairs and any upholstered surface.

A six speed suction dial (or foot pedals on newer S8 models) allow users to customize the amount of suction from the machine. Where max suction is good for hard floor cleaning, less suction will be desired for specialty jobs like drape and furniture cleaning.

Durable wands and hoses are an often over looked feature. Miele uses all stainless steel wands (both electric and non electric wands) that easily can extend at the touch of a button for a greater cleaning reach. Miele canisters also come with crush proof hoses that last for years and years. Often we see canisters from other brands come in for repair on damaged hoses and wands. Sadly sometimes these replacement parts can be so expensive the vacuum is no longer worth fixing. It’s good to know Miele gives you the highest quality parts on the market.