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Miele Stick Vacuum Cleaners

Miele Stick Vacuum Cleaners
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Miele Stick Vacuum Cleaners

Stick Vacuums

Miele Stick Vacuum Cleaners

Along with great canister and upright vacuum cleaners, Miele also produces world class stick vacuum cleaners. While you may not want to replace your full size vacuum cleaner with one of these units, they are a great addition any cleaning arsenal. We find many of our customers do not have the time to do a deep clean every day or even every couple days. A Miele stick vacuum can be the perfect solution to help maintain control between your scheduled deep cleaning days. These machines are ideal for pet owners, parents, users who live in high dust areas, or those who don't want to have to pull out a full-size machine for every day cleans.


Miele stick vacuum cleaners are ideal for customers without a lot of storage room. A lot of our customers purchase stick vacuums for RV’s, campers, studio apartments and any other small area living situation. The lightweight design combined with it’s powerful suction, miele stick vacuums make the ideal compact vacuum cleaner.

Benefits of a Stick Vacuum Cleaner

  • Lighter operational weight
  • Less storage area required
  • Versatile cleaning abilities, full length or handheld functions
  • Smaller compact design means the ability to be used in more places

Who are Stick Vacuums Good For?

Stick vacuums are ideal for users looking for a lightweight, easy option to cleaning their homes surfaces. These machines range from corded to cordless, bagged to bagless. Allowing you to choose what type of cleaning experience you prefer in your home. While stick vacuums are not meant to replace your traditional vacuum cleaner, the Miele brand stick vacuums are a close to a full size vacuum cleaning ability that we have found. By nature, stick vacuums were created as supplemental additions to your full size vacuum. Customers that think the purchase of a stick vacuum cleaner means you will never have to use your full size vacuum ever again. We always recommend using your full-size machine at least a few times per month to ensure your home gets a deep down clean, and you are removing allergens and pathogens.

Ideal For Pet and Young Children Households!

Miele stick vacuum cleaners, while ideal for all households, find themselves especially useful in homes where floors become constantly dirty with debris. Household with pets always seem to have pet hair and dust floating around. Homes with children always have food crumbs in the kitchen and all sorts of other lovely items strung throughout the house. Whether you are a working parent or just like to save time, you now have a weapon to clean your flooring with peace of mind knowing those quick picks ups are easy, lightweight, and easy to store.