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Miele Upright Vacuums

Miele Upright Vacuums
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Miele Upright Vacuum Cleaner

U1 Dynamic Series

What the difference between all the Miele upright vacuum cleaners?

In true Miele fashion, the U1 series offers different models to suit different cleaning needs. Each model provides extra features the model previously did not have. Whether it is a HEPA filter, headlight, extra specialty tools or automatic suction controls each step up gives users higher cleaning capability. To clearly see the options for each model please refer to our comparison chart found on the U1 product pages. Miele also makes a smaller compact mini upright vacuum. The S194 is ideal for tight quarter cleaning such as motor homes, RV’s and smaller apartments.

U1 Dynamic Series

Miele upright vacuums: U1 series makes quite the impression

The first time you vacuum with a Miele upright you can’t help but be impressed. The quality craftsmanship and smooth operating functions leave little doubt as to why Miele has four upright models in the top 10 for “Best upright vacuums” Consumer Reports 2013. Sleek design, combined with top of the class cleaning abilities set Miele U1 series apart from the competition.

Why should I buy a Miele upright vacuum cleaner?

Even though Miele is world renown for their excellent canister vacuums, they have transferred that technology and feel into The U1 vacuum line. A 7 year motor and casing warranty accompanies each machine but after rigorous testing Miele estimates the average vacuum life is closer to 20 years or longer. That's a long time of Miele quality cleaning from one vacuum.

Auto suction controls: what that really means?

The top Miele upright vacuum model has a feature called “automatic suction control”. This is a function Miele has created that sensors the air flow going through your vacuum and automatically adjusts the suction power to match the cleaning task your doing. This makes for effortless transitions between drape cleaning and carpet cleaning. These are two different cleaning tasks where very different suction levels are desired. Miele has taken the guesswork out.

Miele Uprights are your ideal solution for carpeting

There is no doubt that if your house has mostly carpets the ideal style vacuum cleaner is an upright. Some carpet companies void warranties when certain brands of vacuums are used on them. Miele is has taken note and combated this problem with careful engineering. The U1 vacuums have a soft bristle brush roll that protects even the most precious of carpet fibers while still removing debris. For the consumers who have spend a lot of money installing quality carpets and flooring in their homes, this is something to think about.

What if I have mostly carpet with some hard wood flooring?

All the Miele U1 series have a switch on the handle that can turn the brush roll on and off. This allows users to use straight suction when cleaning their hard flooring surfaces. This feature protects the sensitive finish on your flooring and also keeps the spinning brush roll from spraying debris out of the suction zone.

Bagged vs bag less upright vacuums: which is better?

Among many other things, Miele is known for their exceptional and unsurpassed air filtration. When dust and dirt is picked up in a Miele vacuum it travels through a series of stages before clean, purified air is released back into your home. The dust is then left trapped in the vacuum bag with microscopic particles getting trapped in the filters. When the bag is removed for disposal a spring loaded top closes, sealing all the debris inside ensuring none gets released into your homes air.

In bag less vacuums dirt and debris is sucked up and then gets trapped in a dirt cup. The remaining air is then run through filters before clean and filtered air is released back into your home. When the dirt cup gets full you remove the container, and empty it in the trash can or wherever you decide. During the emptying process dust particles and debris is released back into the air, essentially undoing some of the purification that just took place.

There is no correct answer here but just different needs and desires. However bagged vacuums will always be cleaner and make the disposal of your vacuum waste more sanitary.

What each Miele U1 upright vacuum cleaner features

Automatic height adjustment means you never have to guess which height setting is appropriate for the surface you’re vacuuming. High pile carpet to low pile carpet, your vacuum will self adjust removing all guesswork.

On Board tools come with all upright vacuums. A long hose and stainless steel wand will give you generous cleaning radius for your specific cleaning needs. The dust brush, crevice tool and upholstery tool store conveniently on the back of the vacuum for instant accessibility.

Top of the class filtration, a sealed air system, 9 ply cloth bag and 2 different filters ensure quality air gets released into your home.

The swivel neck design has taken maneuverability to a new level. Turning and pivoting between furniture is no longer an issue. This allows you to easily clean places that may have otherwise been a hassle.

1200 watt vortex motor is standard in each Miele vacuum. Quite cleaning and powerful suction are features everyone can appreciate.