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Miele Vacuum Parts and Accessories
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Miele Vacuum Parts and Accessories

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Miele vacuum parts and accessories: we carry them all

We carry the full line of Miele parts and accessories. Anything from floor tools to power heads or attachments to replacement hoses, we probably have them. Specialty tools and floor tools are popular for customers looking to effectively clean different types of flooring and surfaces. On the rare occasion a part breaks on your Miele, check with us and we will either have the part or be able to get it for you. Let us take care of all your Miele needs.

Miele Heads / Brushes    

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Miele floor attachments transform their machines into all-purpose cleaners. The floor tools give Miele canisters the ability to navigate all hard flooring types. Miele power heads allow users to easily remove debris from all piles of carpets. Miele even offers users combo tools for easy maneuvering between surfaces and the flip of a foot pedal. For any task…Miele offers the correct tools for the job.

  • Miele SEB 228 Power Head

    Miele SEB 228 ElectroPlus Powerbrush

    • 14” brush roll
    • 5 levels of height adjustment
    • Suction controls
    • Stand alone weight (convenient storage)
    • Swivel neck and safeguard bumper

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    Special Price: $209.00

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Miele Attachments / Kits    

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Miele has a vast array of attachments and kits to satisfy all your cleaning wants. For household chores Miele has dust, upholstery and crevice tools. Miele has multiple style kits including a car kit, home care kit and micro tool set that give users more than one tool to assist their needs. Miele understands and provides their clients with what it takes to get a good thorough clean.

Miele Hoses and Wands    

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We offer one of the most extensive collections of Miele hoses and wands on the web. We have hoses to fit almost all Miele canisters and the necessary wands to connect either your electric on non-electric floor tools. Miele crushproof hoses ensure long lasting durability while the heavy duty stainless steel Miele wands offer great extension for superior userability.

Replacement Parts    

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In the rare case that your Miele Vacuum needs a replacement part, make sure that you are purchasing genuine Miele factory parts from an authorized dealer. Purchasing counterfeit parts or generic accessories can often compromise the integrity and performance of your vacuum. Please note that many Miele models take different parts so you need to know your model number or series number. Please give us a call if you have any questions about the parts you need. We do not stock all available Miele parts but do have access to ordering them. Phone number is 1-877-819-6857.

Why might I need tools other than the ones that came with my vacuum?

Miele makes a host of different tools to help users with specific cleaning needs. Dust brushes off all shapes, sizes and bristle types are offered. Long, short and flexible crevice tools are also made. Miele makes matress tools, upholstery tools and even radiator brushes. Please browse our attachments and kits section and find the tool that can take the burden out of cleaning.

Do you sell genuine Miele vacuum parts and accessories?

As an authorized Miele dealer we are only allowed to sell genuine Miele brand parts and accessories. This also ensures our customers that they are receiving the highest quality products on the market. Some generic brand parts and tools either do not function properly or break down easily. You do not have to worry about this problem when purchasing Miele parts from us.

What if I cannot see the Miele vacuum part I need?

There are hundreds of replacement parts for Miele. If we do not have the part you need listed then just give us a call or send us an email and we can get the part ordered for you. As an authorized dealer and warranty station we have full access to any part that Miele still manufacturers.

Will standard accessories fit on Miele vacuum?

If you are attempting to use tools or accessories from other manufacturers, chances are they will not fit your Miele. The German made Miele vacuums only take accessories and tools that are specifically designed for their brand.

How can I get my broken Miele fixed?

Repairing a simple Miele part such as a hose or wand is an easy enough task and we recommend doing this yourself. But for the more complicated problems we highly recommend having your repairs done by a Miele warranty station. These professionals can diagnose the problem and ensure your vacuum is getting fixed properly. Sometimes what seems like a major problem to the untrained eye, can actually be solved by a very simple inexpensive part. So in some cases taking your vacuum in to the expert can actually save you money. To help extend the life of your Miele vacuum cleaner we also recommend taking it into your local Miele warranty station for a regular service. These tune ups will greatly increase your vacuums life span; help maintain optimal performance and guarantee that only high quality genuine Miele parts are being used on your machine.