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Powerheads and Floor Brushes

Powerheads and Floor Brushes
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Miele Vacuum Powerheads and Floor Brushes

Power Heads
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Selecting the correct Miele vacuum floor brush for your needs.

Miele makes many floor brushes and they all do a wonderful job. Although the difference may be slight, selecting the right one will help ease the pain of house cleaning. Some brushes have larger cleaning widths for users with more open floor space. Other floor brushes have soft natural hair bristles as opposed to tougher synthetic bristle. Some floor tools come with wheels and some do not. All these details are laid out in the product pages themselves, helping you to make the correct informed decision

Selecting the correct Miele vacuum power head for your carpeting

Miele offers three different styles of power heads. The models differ in the functions they have and the cleaning width. The available features are automatic 5 height adjustment, headlight and automatic shut off for brush roll protection. The best Miele power head is the SEB 236 that comes with all the bells and whistles and will perform well on any pile of carpet.

Miele Power Heads

Miele power heads are the ideal tool for cleaning carpets. High pile and low pile, there is a power head to fit your needs. Remember you must have a Miele vacuums that supports an electric power head to effectively use one of these power nozzles.

Miele Power Heads

Miele Floor Tools / Turbo Heads

Miele floor brushes are great for hard surface flooring. Depending on whether you have hardwood floors, tile, linoleum or natural rock will probably determine which model best fits your needs. Nobody gives their customers more floor brush options than Miele.

Miele Combo Floor Tools

Miele has created a series of combination floor tools. These allow users to navigate between different types of flooring all at the flip of a switch. Different cleaning mediums will protrude to the floor depending on how the switch is flipped.

Is there a head that cleans carpet without using electricity?

Yes there is. The Miele STB 205-3 air turbo head is a great option for users without electric hoses or wands that are looking to clean their carpeting. The powerful suction from the Miele vacuum spins a brush roll on the air turbo head allowing the tool to pick up debris from carpet fibers. This is the perfect tool if you’re looking to add versatility to your Miele canister vacuum.

Whats the difference between synthetic and natural bristles?

Miele floor brushes that have synthetic bristles are best used on tougher styles of hard flooring. Rock, concrete, and certain tiles prefer the synthetic bristle texture. Synthetic bristles tend to be stiffer and coarse making them more durable.

For users with more sensitive hard flooring surfaces we recommend Miele floor brushes with natural hair bristles. These tend to be softer and gentler, making them more suitable when the finish of your flooring is at risk.

What are good flooring types for the Miele combo floor tools?

Generally speaking Miele combo floor tools best function in houses with hard flooring and limited short pile carpeting. A good example is a house with all hard wood flooring and a couple very large area rugs. This is perfect for a combo floor tool because on the hardwood flooring the user could clean with the bristles exposed making the vacuum function just like a specialized floor brush. Then when the user came to the area rugs, he / she could then flip the switch and engage the felt strip instead of the bristles. The felt strips allow the tool to easily slide across short pile carpeting with ease, whereas the bristles would snag and get caught on the carpeting. Both functions are completed with the use of one simple tool.