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Attachments and Kits

Attachments and Kits
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Miele Vacuum Attachments and Kits


Miele vacuum attachments and kits for your convenience

Need a tool for a specific cleaning need. There is a high chance Miele will have a tool that can help make your cleaning job easier. All Miele vacuum cleaners come with a standard dust brush, upholstery tool and crevice tool. Combine these with a plethora of other options and you’ll be surprised just how easy cleaning can be.

Miele attachments

Miele attachments can completely transform your vacuum into the whole house cleaning machine. Not only floors will get done but also furniture, drapes, mattresses and hard to reach areas you didn’t even know where possible to reach.

Miele attachments
  1. miele crevice tool
    Miele Crevice Tool
    100% of 100
    was $9.95 Special Price $8.95
  2. Miele SUB 10 Universal Brush
    Miele SUB 10 Universal Brush
    was $39.99 Special Price $29.95
  3. Miele Ergonomic Spotlight Comfort Handle
    Miele Ergonomic Spotlight Comfort Handle
    was $149.95 Special Price $99.95

Miele kits

Miele offers users the chance to purchase all-in-one cleaning kits. Each kit has four unique tools to assist you in whatever task may lie ahead.

Miele kits

What is a Miele tool kit?

Miele has decided to help save you money by bundling up some of their most popular tools and selling them as specialized kits. They are named for specific uses (Example: Miele car care kit) but you will find that each kit has a variety of possible uses. Each kit has 4 different tools that go together to provide the perfect cleaning compliment to one another.

What are the most common Miele attachments bought?

From our observation the Miele STB 101 mini hand tool is extremely popular. This is a handheld unit that attaches to the end of the wand and has a miniature spinning brush roll. Ideal for pet owners or anyone looking to thoroughly clean debris and hair from their upholstery. Another common attachment purchased is the Miele SFD20 flex crevice tool. Long and flexible, this attachment can fit in or around areas you never thought possible. Down dryer vents, behind refrigerators and under car seats are just a few of the endless uses for this handy tool.

Remember that buying genuine Miele attachments will ensure they function properly. Fittings on Miele vacuums are different than most other vacuum cleaners. This is because Miele engineers and produces their vacuum cleaners in Germany. The standard vacuum attachment will probably not fit and you are better off purchasing all Miele brand and accessories.

If for some reason you do not see the Miele vacuum attachment or kit you would like please feel free to give us a call or send us an email. If Miele still manufactures it then we will be able to custom order it for you.