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Miele Vacuum Hoses and Wands


We carry a full line of Miele vacuum hoses and wands

We are proud to offer one of the most complete Miele vacuum hose lines on the internet. We try and keep all the hoses in stock so we can ship them out to our customers immediately upon order placement. Make sure and carefully read the product page before ordering. Miele hoses are not universally compatible and will only fit specific Miele vacuum models. Please call or email us for assistance if needed.

Miele Vacuum Hoses

Miele vacuum hoses are constructed from crush proof plastic. They are light flexible and long to allow users a superior range of motion. There are many different hoses to choose from so be sure and find the Miele hose that fits your vacuum model.

Miele Vacuum Wand

Miele makes high quality vacuum wands for all their canister vacuum cleaners. Each wand is made from stainless steel and has a touch button slide able expansion feature. Wands come in both electric and non-electric so be sure and get the version that fits your Miele vacuum model.

Ordering your Miele vacuum cleaner wands

When placing a Miele replacement wand order be sure and get the correct version. One wand we carry is just for non-electric floor brushes. This is for vacuum models that use straight suction only. The other wand we carry has direct connect fitting on both sides that support many Miele power brushes using electricity.

High quality Miele vacuum hoses and wands make your vacuum last

Miele makes high quality crush proof hoses. Light weight and durable, these hoses sometimes take the most user abuse on the whole vacuum. Miele vacuum hoses are made to withstand tugging, twisting and bending. Stainless steel is used in the creation of their wands, giving users durability and a sleek look.