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Monthly Archives: May 2019

  1. Why Buy Genuine Miele Bags?

      Is there a reason you should purchase genuine Miele bags? Does it actually make a difference?   Short Answer: Yes. Only Purchase Genuine Miele Vacuum Cleaner Bags. No, we aren’t trying to upsell you on more ...
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  2. Miele HEPA and Charcoal Filters: Installation, Maintenance, and Upgrading

    Upgrading Your Miele to a HEPA Filter Do you have a Miele vacuum cleaner? Do you want to upgrade to a HEPA or Charcoal filter? Once you know what to do, it’s very easy! Here are all the steps, along with visuals, and a vi ...
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  3. Where to Find Your Miele Model Number and Serial Number

    Where Do You Find Your Miele Model # and Serial #?     Here we will show you how to find your model #, serial number, and the name of your Miele. On canister models: look for the silver sticker on the wheel side (bot ...
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