August 2018 Free Gift Codes

HOW is it already August?! 


This summer is flying by. And trying to get in all that summer cleaning before school starts and the holiday rush seems daunting at times. All this cleaning got us thinking -- what could we offer our customers that would not only be really useful to summer cleaning and also be a great addition to their cleaning arsenal?


Our Answer? Our August Free Cleaning Gifts With Purchase!

August 2018 Free Gift Codes


For orders over $200, you will receive a starter kit of our favorite microfiber cloths. We know it can be difficult to get excited over microfiber cloths- but we promise once you clean with them just once, you will fall in love just as we did! These cloths clean it all- without the need for ANY chemicals or cleaners. They are our top pick for eliminating germs, pathogens, and getting the deepest clean. Safely. Oh, and did we mention they are green certified, eco-friendly, and guaranteed for over 300 washes? Oh yeah, win, win WIN!


For orders over $50, you will receive a packet of our favorite vacuum fragrance. These non-toxic, chemical-free granuels add a lasting fragrance to your homes air while you clean. They also prevent that "vacuum smell." If you are a pet owner, or just love a good smelling space, these scents are perfect for you. All you do is add them directly to your dust cup or vacuum bag, or sprinkle directly on your flooring and vacuum up. We can't get enough of these.


Have any questions? No questions is to big or too small for us! 


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