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  How Do I Change my Miele HEPA Filter?   Whether you have a canister or an upright Miele, changing the HEPA or charcoal filter is pretty similar.
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Which Bags Fit My Miele

8/30/2017 3:46 PM

  Don’t know which bags your Miele takes? Here’s how to make vacuum bag buying one of the easier things you’ll ever do!   Generally speaking, the color of the vacuum bag clip will match the box color of the bags for your model.
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3 Causes of a Broken Vacuum: Your family’s unwanted Christmas present   Why is January our busiest month for repairs? Christmas does not only bring joy and happiness to households nationwide, it also brings broken vacuums.
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Hot Cords: An Oftentimes Overlooked Aspect of Vacuum Repair In addition to selling new vacuums, bags and supplies…a large portion of our business comes from the repair of old vacuums. A common problem we notice is a broken or non-functioning cord.
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