September 2018 Cleaning Special

September 2018 Cleaning Special


Did you know that September is second largest cleaning month?


It's second only to Holiday cleaning! With the kids back in school, and the yearly schedule back on track, we have found September to be one the bigger cleaning times. This is also when many of our repairs come in, and when many vacuums break! 


To ease your cleaning woes during September, we have rounded up a few of our favorite things that pair very well with your vacuum, and vacuum accessory purchases. These free gifts for the month of September are all things that our staff have tested and love--so we think you're going to love them too!

Septemeber 2018 Free Gift CodesFor Purchases over $200, you will receive our favorite microfiber starter kit. This kit includes 8 eCloth microfiber cloths, which clean and disenfect surfaces using only water! This is ideal for people who are sensitive to smells and don't like to use harsh cleaning products, or for users who don't like to clean with harsh chemicals, and are looking for a great eco-friendly cleaning option. We love these cloths becuase they are all eco-friendly, green certified, and guaranteed for over 300 washes. To wash, you simply toss in a washing machine and wash and dry as you would any other cleaning cloth. How simple is that?


For Purchases over $50, you will receive our best-selling, and staff favorite, Good Home Scents' Vacuum Fragrance Granules. These chemical-free, allergen-free, eco-friendly granules are the perfect addition to any vacuum cleaner- bagged OR bagless. You can sprinkle these granules either on the floor and vacuum them up, or you can sprinkle them directly into your vacuum bag or dust cup. These vacuum-safe granules remove pet dander odors and eliminate that "vacuum smell" you get when your vacuum sits un-used. We know you are going to love these!


Want to add both to your order? Well you sure can! Add one, or both! 




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