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Sanitaire vacuum: “Raising the level of floor care”

This is the creed Sanitaire vacuums lives by. They have successfully managed to completely dominate the commercial vacuum market since the launch of their signature “red line” series in 1972. Every commercial vacuum Sanitaire makes is designed to save customers time and money while still providing class leading performance and durability. Sanitaire commercial vacuums can be found nationwide in restaurants, hotels, retail store fronts, office buildings and countless other locations.

Sanitaire leads in commercial vacuum innovation

Sanitaire vacuum is a member of the U.S. Green Building council. In a country that is becoming “greener” everyday Sanitaire vacuums have been snatching up environmentally friendly awards left and right. Recently designed Sanitaire vacuums were given the CRI seal of approval and named USGBC LEED compliant. This proves Sanitaire vacuums commitment to the environment.

Sanitaire rolls our new technology features to help customers

HEPA filtration is now offered in a couple different Sanitaire commercial models. This feature can commonly be found in household vacuum models but rarely is found in commercial style vacuums. Special energy conservation vacuums have been created to save money on the electrical bills. Other features such as extremely low operation volumes Lower than 70dbs) also accompany these vacuums. This makes them the most complete commercial vacuum cleaner line on the planet. Every detail has been thought of, and Sanitaire continues to make improvements every day.

Ensure your Sanitaire vacuums performs at peak levels

Users must do their part to make sure Sanitaire vacuum cleaners live up to their durability and quality performance potentials. Just like you take your vehicle in for tune ups and oil changes…you must perform certain actions on your vacuum.

Changing your vacuum bags or emptying out the dust bag or shake out cup (depending on which model cleaner you have) regularly can drastically increase you vacuum cleaners lifespan. When vacuum cleaner bags get over filled the vacuum motor has a hard time pulling air through it. You vacuum motor can begin to overheat and experience enhanced wear and tear. Vacuum filters can also add to the motor stress, be sure to pay attention to these as well.

Sanitaire commercial vacuum cleaners are meant to take strenuous abuse. That’s what they are designed to do. Taking your commercial vacuum cleaners in for regular service can ensure quality performance and increased longevity.

Popularity: Sanitaire vacuums are the king of commercial cleaning

Sanitaire commercial vacuum cleaners are the most widely used commercial vacuums on the market. This did not happen by chance. Constant improvement to already industry leading vacuums, that’s the magic formula Sanitaire relies on. They offer many styles, from their classic simple shake out bag models to their new dust cup HEPA commercial cleaners, check out how Sanitaire can help your company.