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Sanitaire Vacuum Cleaners

Sanitaire Vacuum Cleaners
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Sanitaire Commercial Vacuum Cleaners


Sanitaire commercial vacuum cleaners: Industry leading vacuums

Have you ever seen a restaurant or hotel employee vacuuming with a red vacuum cleaner? Chances are it looks old, has a simple design and appears to be very heavy duty. That vacuum you saw was a Sanitaire commercial vacuum cleaner and yes it was probably old, these vacuums last a long long time. Sanitaire’s “red vacuum” line can be found everywhere. Sanitaire has released some newer models with cunning edge technology that are going to change the future commercial vacuum cleaner landscape. Giving business owners a variety of choices that best fits their cleaning needs, these new style vacuums are technologically superior. Sanitaire makes commercial vacuum cleaners that fit HEPA standards, energy conservation needs, dump out bag or dump out cup convenience, limited noise omission desires or just the good old fashion durable vacuum they have been producing for years. Check out our options below. We offer free shipping on all vacuum purchases and have 1 day handling time on all items in stock.

Sanitaire Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Sanitaire upright vacuum cleaners give durable and high quality cleaning function to users.

Sanitaire Upright Vacuum

Sanitaire Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Sanitaire offers a commercial quality of the famous Eureka Mighty Mite. With simple design and powerful motor, this model vacuum has been a top seller for years and years.

Sanitaire Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

Backpack stle vacuum cleaners give user the unique ability to strap the canister to their back to have greater mobility. This a great option for users looking to clean large areas of flooring in a short amount of time.

Sanitaire Backpack Vacuums

Sanitaire commercial vacuums: each series has special features

Sanitaire Quiet Clean- This series was developed with long hours performed under quieter operation standards in mind. Each vacuum is CRI and LEED approves. Most vacuums in this series also boast HEPA filtration standards

CRI Approved- These vacuums feature the old simple style models revamped to meet CRI standards. Theses rugged design models give users maximum durability for quality performance day after day.

Dust Cup- These Sanitaire vacuum models use the sealed dust cup to capture dust particles and debris. These vacuums are ideal for users who have lots to clean and pick up lots of dust. The quick and easy emptying process of the dump cup saves user’s time and money.

Shake Out Bag- Users will get the traditional models these are accustomed too, durable motor and simple function. Dust is trapped in the tightly woven bag that can easily be removed, dumped out and re installed for an economical cleaning experience.

Specialty Cleaning Machines- This includes the backpack and canister model Sanitaire vacuums. These are for users who require different cleaning desires than provided by the Sanitaire upright models. The backpack can be strapped to the users back allowing for lightweight maneuverability around large flooring areas. The canister vacuum is easily rolled behind customers, specializing on hard floor cleaning.

Powerful and durable motor

Sanitaire upright vacuum motors are designed to last users an average of 2,500 hrs. This makes them some of the most durable vacuums offered on the market.