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SEBO vacuum: works for me

“Works for me” is the slogan SEBO has adopted and their customers will agree. The SEBO vacuum company claims to make the “world’s best vacuum cleaners” for allergy and asthma relief, pet hair removal, ease of use and reliability. These are some bold claims but considering SEBO vacuums cleaners are used in the White house where the president of the United States lives…it is hard to argue too much.

Tell me about the SEBO vacuum company

SEBO vacuums are made where seemingly all great vacuums are…Germany. High quality engineering and vacuum components are staples of the SEBO name. Founded in 1978 the company has been striving for vacuum perfection ever since. In a day and age of cheaply made “disposable” vacuum cleaners in every big box store, SEBO vacuums routinely last 15 years. This is seven times longer than the cheap counterparts most consumers reach for.

What sets SEBO apart from its competitors?

In the vacuum industry SEBO is known for its quality HEPA air filtration. SEBO vacuum cleaners are armed with quality 3 layer bags and multiple vacuum filters to remove pollutants one stage at a time. SEBO vacuum filters are graded at hospital quality air filtration. This is impressive considering the vacuum just picked dust and debris off your floor and is now blowing the purest of air back into your home.

What features make SEBO vacuum cleaners the “best vacuums in the world”?

There is not one feature that makes SEBO vacuums great. It’s a combination of high quality, good engineering, leading innovation and making the customer its priority.

SEBO vacuums: truly a green company

The SEBO vacuum company effectively cares for the environment in a multitude of ways. The main way they help save the environment is making quality machines that last for an average of 15 yrs. This helps reduce landfills from being overrun by broken down vacuums. On the SEBO website they state 44% of Americans have purchased a vacuum in the last 2 years. In a 4 billion dollar a year business, just image all the cheap, plastic disposable vacuums taking up room in our landfills.

SEBO vacuums not only run efficiently off less electricity than some of its competitors, but the vacuums themselves are even made in an energy efficient warehouse. SEBO headquarters in Germany is completely self-sustaining, allowing SEBO to leave as small a carbon foot print behind as possible. Natural lighting, fresh water storage, packaging considerations and better logistics all go into saving the environment. Whether it’s one less gallon of water, one less electricity watt, one gallon of gas or one more recycled cardboard packaging, SEBO is a leader in environmentally friendly company operations.

Why aren’t SEBO vacuums more popular if they are so good?

Sadly SEBO vacuums are not main stream yet in America. This is not the case in Europe though. You can find a SEBO vacuum cleaner in many households all across Europe. One reason SEBO vacuum cleaners are not as popular as Bissell, Hoover and Dyson (to name a few competitors) is because they spend very little to no advertising dollars. All their money gets spent on research and development and making the products they sell better. Other companies spend their money tricking consumers to think their inferior vacuums cleaners work better than they do. Another reason the SEBO name lacks exposure is because you cannot find them in the big chain box stores. You won’t find a SEBO vacuum in Wal-Mart, Target or Costco. That’s because the SEBO vacuum company wants professional vacuum experts (like us) helping prospective customers find the perfect SEBO vacuum cleaner to fit their individual needs.