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Sebo Vacuum Cleaners


SEBO vacuum cleaners: many models and styles for any need

Like any great company, SEBO makes both canister and upright vacuum cleaners to suit the need and preference of their customers. Every single machine SEBO makes is designed and manufactured in Germany. These German made vacuums live up to the reputation that German made machines are famous for. Traditionally owners with mostly carpeting will prefer upright models, while customers with mostly hard surface flooring will find the canister models much more effective.

Sebo Canister Vacuums

Sebo Upright Vacuums

Amazing features all SEBO vacuum cleaners have

Air filtration quality stands out when looking at SEBO vacuum cleaners. Quality vacuum bags, filters and air tight sealing make SEBO vacuums hospital grade.

All rubber wheels and bumpers accompany all SEBO vacuum models. This is often overlooked when shopping for a vacuum cleaner, but this can protect your furniture, walls and hardwood flooring surfaces.

Automatic sensors assist users in cleaning and maintenance. A full bag indicator, clog indicator and brush roll jam sensor gives customers warning when action is required. These sensors can improve the life span of your SEBO vacuum and ensure it always performs at its highest level.

Finally a 5 year warranty is given with all SEBO vacuum purchases. This shows customers that SEBO stands behind their vacuums. The warranty gives customers piece of mind but SEBO vacuums routinely last for 15 years and beyond.

How does SEBO cost of ownership compare to other vacuum companies?

SEBO vacuum cleaners may seem expensive to the average consumer but when you lay all the facts in front of you…it really couldn’t be further from the case. Americans commonly spend a couple hundred dollars every couple years or so purchasing a new vacuum cleaner. You get what you pay for usually and some people like cheap vacuums. Let’s say you buy a $140 vacuum and it lasted 2 years before it breaks down and you had to throw it away. That vacuum cleaner ended up costing you an average of $70 for every year you owned it. You are now fed up with low quality vacuums and you’re ready to invest in a SEBO vacuum cleaner. You go to and purchase a top of the line SEBO for $700 dollars. This high quality machine works great and runs for years and years, finally dying after 14 years (average life span for a SEBO). This figure comes out to $50 for every year you owned it. The SEBO might have seemed more expensive but it turned out to actually save you money. Not to mention you got a far superior cleaning experience from the SEBO vacuum.

The difference in SEBO upright models: the Felix vs traditional design

SEBO has a couple of different upright vacuum cleaners, but there is a glaring difference between two of the styles. The more traditional upright model vacuum provide users with powerful motors, strong spinning brush roll, hospital grade filtration and a hose / wand for versatile attachments. The solid plastic body of the vacuum provides a stable base for cleaning and tool use. This style tends to be heavier , durable and very powerful.

The new style of upright vacuums SEBO has created gives users mixed flooring versatility and even hand held vacuum options. The power head can be switched off for a parquet floor tool or combination floor too. This means superior cleaning on all flooring types. The main canister section can be removed allowing users to use the SEBO Felix like a handheld vacuum. All these features in a ultra light weight easily maneuverable vacuum cleaner.