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Simplicity (S65) HEPA Media Filter
For Simplicity S65 Models

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Product Descriptions

This genuine Simplicity HEPA Media filter fits the S65 cordless multi-use vacuum. A tip for keeping your Simplicity in tip top shape: Filters please so you don't sneeze! If someone in your home suffer from allergies, change the filter every six months. Otherwise, once a year should do. 

Genuine Part #: SF65



Replacing Your HEPA Filter:

*Important: Turn Off the vacuum and remove the battery before replacing the filter. NOTE: the HEPA filter cannot be washed and reused

1. Lift up the filter release knob and remove the filter holder from the main body

2. Turn the filter counter clockwise to remove from the filter holder.

3. Replace with a new filter turning it clockwise until it snaps into the filter holder.

4. Replace the filter holder into the main body


If you need assistance with replacing your HEPA filter, please call us at 877-819-6857.


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