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Simplicity Vacuum Bags

Simplicity, the vacuum you'll flip over.
Simplicity vacuum bags are top of the line quality, capturing dust and helping to improve you homes air pollution. HEPA cloth bags are offered on certain models to further help allergy sufferers or pet owners. From 3pk to 12pk, HEPA or paper, you will find what you’re looking for in our complete line of Simplicity vacuum bags. With great prices, years of experience and a reputation for amazing customer service, there is no better place to order Simplicity Vacuum Bags than right here at VacuumCleanerMarket.com. The following Products are available for immediate shipping:

What is the difference between HEPA and pager bags?

HEPA refers to a higher level of filtration. Where paper bags will suit most users needs, the HEPA versions ensure less dust particles get released back into your homes air. Simplicity puts a HEPA bag in each of its new vacuums so users get the highest quality filtration straight from the factory.

Vacuum bags

Vacuum bags
  1. Simplicity whoosh soh-6 vacuum bags
    Simplicity Whoosh HEPA Vacuum Bags SOH-6
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Will paper bags leak dust into my home?

No. The genuine Simplicity paper bags are also very high quality. They have multiple linings and offer micro filtration. Where they might not filter down to the tiniest of microns, you can be ensured particles visible to the eye are being trapped.

When should I replace my Vacuum bags?

The best practice here is to replace the bags before it completely fills up. When vacuum bags become completely full, your vacuum motor has a hard time breathing. This can cause serious damage from overheating.

We offer the full complete line of Simplicity vacuum bags. New models and old models, 12 pack to 3 pack, HEPA and paper we carry them all. See below for our most popular models.

Common vacuum bag installation mistakes

In our many years of experience we have seen many customers fail to insert their vacuum bags correctly onto the adaptor. You can trouble shoot this problem by opening the bag compartment and checking for dust and dirt. If you see significant amounts of dust in there then you can assume the bag was not installed properly. Check to make sure the bag tightly fits on the dust channel and is completely on. This will ensure all the dirt picked up is captured in you vacuum bag.