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Simplicity Vacuum Filters

Simplicity, the vacuum you'll flip over.
Simplicity vacuum filters provide the last line of filtration between the dust you picked up and the air you breathe. Consistent filter change will not only make your home a safer place but can also improve the life expectancy of your vacuum. We carry a full line of replacement filters, including upgraded HEPA filters for consumers serious about their homes air quality. With great prices, years of experience and a reputation for amazing customer service, there is no better place to order Simplicity Vacuum Filters than right here at VacuumCleanerMarket.com. The following Products are available for immediate shipping:

Simplcity vacuum filters: Keep your air quality high

Simplicity vacuum filters are the last stand between a dirty floor and your homes air quality. Once dirt and dust particles pass through your machine they are trapped and only the clean air is released expelled. With regular replacement you can breathe with confidence.

Allergy suffers and pet owners: Buy HEPA filters

Upgrade your filters to HEPA quality for the best filtration Simplicity has to offer. With the installation of these filters you can be assure your machine if filtering 99.97% of microns down to 0.3 in size. This means the air your breathing is healthy and virtually dust free.

Vacuum filters

Vacuum filters
  1. Simplicity (S65) HEPA Media Filter
    Simplicity (S65) HEPA Media Filter
    was $20.99 Special Price $18.99
  2. simplicity symmetry ultra premium filter set
    Simplicity Symmetry Filter Set SF20UP
    was $28.99 Special Price $25.99
  3. SImplicity Filters SF5-2
    Simplicity SF5-2 5 Series Vacuum Filter
    was $10.95 Special Price $8.99

How many filters does my Simplicity vacuum have?

Many model vacuums have two sets of filters. One filter is called a pre motor filter. This filter traps the larger dust particles. The second filter is the post motor filter. This filter is the last thing your air passes through before being released back into your home. The post motor filter is responsible for filtering out the fine particles that snuck through the pre motor filter and bag lining.

When should I replace my vacuum filters?

Simplicity recommends filter replacement depending on use. The best way to tell if your filters are no longer functioning properly is to remove them and look at them. When the filter turns brown it is time to change. The filter can no longer function properly and dirty air is probably leaking through.

How do I know what filter my Simplicity vacuum takes?

On the filter product pages we have the models the filters fit into. For further assistance please give us a call or send us an email. One of our experts will assist you in finding the correct filter for your vacuum model.