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Vacuums for Allergy Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuums for Allergy Vacuum Cleaner
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Best Allergy Vacuum Cleaner


Certain vacuums are better for allergy sufferers

By nature vacuuming can be a dirty job and a nightmare for consumers with allergies. The act of removing dust and debris from your home can send dust and allergens flying into the air. This not only can cause you extreme discomfort but can present health concerns. Luckily certain types and brands of vacuums are designed to limit the pollutants released in your homes air.

What makes a good vacuum cleaner for allergies?

HEPA level filtration is the magic bullet when talking allergy vacuums. This means that 99.97% of microns 0.3 in size and larger are filtered out of the air before it is released back into your home. This is the gold standard that all vacuum cleaners and air purifiers hope to achieve. For healthier living conditions everybody, not just people with allergies, should own a vacuum capable of HEPA filtration.


Allergy Upright vacuum Cleaners

These upright vacuum cleaners will provide you with the allergy quality filtration. Users with carpeting will appreciate the upright vacuum models as they are great for removing debris from carpet fibers.

Allergy Canister Vacuum Cleaners

These are our recommendations for users who want an allergy conscious vacuum cleaner but have either mixed flooring or hard surface flooring. These vacuums will do an excellent job cleaning your homes floors while filtering out harmful pollutants.

Featured Vacuums

Best Fit: Miele c3 complete canister vacuum cleaner Miele Marin C3 Complete Canister Vacuum Cleaner Price $1,099.00 The Miele C3 Complete Marin Canister Vacuum made Consumer Reports Best Vacuum Filtration and Best Canister Vacuum for 2018. This completely sealed, HEPA filtered machine, ensures only HEPA filtered air is released back into your home, making it ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers. This model can handle any hard flooring, and any pile carpeting. It comes standard with 2 flooring attachments: a 5 height adjustable carpeting power head and a parquet twister hard flooring attachment. This HEPA filtered machine is ideal for any asthma/allergy sufferers with any pile carpeting and any hard flooring.
Best Fit: Miele C3 complete Calima canister Vacuum cleaner Miele Complete C3 Calima Canister Vacuum Cleaner Price $699.00 The Miele Complete C3 Calima Canister Vacuum Cleaner is a completely sealed, HEPA filtered, air driven canister vacuum cleaner. This model only released HEPA filtered air back into your home, which is the ideal level of filtration for asthma and allergy sufferers. This model can handle all hard flooring and low-medium pile carpeting and area rugs. It comes with 2 flooring attachments: an air driven carpeting attachment, and a parquet twister hard flooring attachment. This HEPA filtered machine is ideal for asthma/allergy sufferers with low-medium pile carepting and any hard flooring. 
Best Fit: SEBO airbelt d4 canister vacuum cleaner SEBO Airbelt D4 Premium Canister Vacuum Cleaner Price $1299.00 The SEBO Airbelt D4 Premium Canister Vacuum Cleaner comes in either white or black. This powerful canister vacuum cleaner only emits SEBO`s "S Class" tightly sealed hospital-grade filtration back into your home. Paired with this models excellent filtration, are 3 standard cleaning attachments, and 2 flooring attachments: an electric power head and a hard flooring parquet brush. This machine is ideal for asthma/allergy sufferers with any pile carpeting and any hard flooring. 

What are some airborne allergens that an allergy specific vacuum might filter?

Mold spores are common cause of allergic reactions and can even lead to infections. Having an allergy friendly vacuum that traps and cleans these tiny particles (they are invisible to the naked eye) can prevent them from reproducing and further polluting your air quality. Pet dander is another common worry among allergy suffers. These microscopic animal proteins are released into your homes air and are thought to be heavily related to asthma. Interestingly enough pets do not even have to be present for their dander to be an issue. The harmful pollutants can be transported from location to location in many different ways. So whether you have a pet or not, owning a vacuum cleaner that can rid your home of the dander is a must for allergy suffers

Dust mite allergens are extremely lightweight allowing them to easily float around your house flaring uo your allergic reactions. Dust mites are most commonly found in mattresses and furniture, so when your cleaning be sure to use your vacuum on these problem areas. Pollen allergens are mainly seasonal but can be a main inhibitor of allergic reactions. These lightweight particles can easily float and be blown into your home.

Owning and using your allergy fighting vacuum can greatly reduce the danger of these airborne allergens and make your home healthier and happier.

Carpet owners…You need an allergenic vacuum

Let’s start by saying if you have allergies hard flooring is the best type of flooring to own. Pollutants can easily be cleaned and removed from the flat, slick hard surface. Consumers who have allergy combined with carpeted flooring may have a harder time achieving allergen free living conditions. Pollens, allergens and spores get trapped deep in the uneven carpet fibers, making then hard to remove. This means that having a vacuum designed for allergy suffers is even more crucial for consumers who have carpets and a lot of upholstery in their homes.

Tips for buying an allergy vacuum

It is our recommendation that you strongly consider buying a vacuum cleaner that uses vacuum bags. For allergy suffers it is all about trapping dust and getting it out of your home as fast and hygienically as possible. With dust cup style vacuums you must dump out the canister which is a big red flag for dust escaping back into your home. You then are also putting a dirty dust cup back into your vacuum (unless you hand wash and sterilize your dust cup after each use). When using vacuums bags this whole process is eliminated. Remove the vacuum bag and dispose it. All the dust stays in the bag and your homes air is not exposed to by the transfer of pollutants. Then you get to put a fresh and clean new sanitary bag into your vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum brands we recommend for customers with allergies

Miele vacuums are famous for their filtration. HEPA vacuum bags and filters come standard in many models ensuring consumers vacuuming will not increase their exposure to harmful dust particles and pollens.

SEBO is also an industry leader in HEPA allergy vacuum cleaners. These vacuums offer multiple hospital grade filters that purify air before it gets released into your home. Both these vacuum brands are German made and continue the trend of exceptional German engineering that produces top of the line consumer products.