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Vacuums for Pet Hair

Vacuums for Pet Hair
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Vacuum for Pet Hair


Why are some vacuums better for pet owners than others?

Pet owners encounter problems cleaning that non pet owners never have to deal with. Certain vacuum brands make vacuums specifically designed to help pet owners clean up after their furry friends. Purchasing one of these specially designed pet vacuums can greatly simplify your cleaning task while increasing your effectiveness.


Pet hair upright vacuum cleaner

Upright vacuums ideal for picking up pet hair, will have an electric spinning brush roll. This is the easiest and most effective way of picking up pet hair. Extra tools and filtration features accompany these vacuums making them ideal for pet owners. These extra tools and pet specific filters will be the best at removing pet hair from not only your flooring, but upholstered surfaces, and eliminating ped dander smells. The recommended upright vacuums will clean low-medium pile carpeting.

Pet hair canister vacuum cleaner

Canister vacuums ideal for picking up pet hair, will also have a spinning brush roll. An electric spinning brush roll is the most effective and easiest way of picking up pet hair. Canister electric power heads also have the ability to adjust the height of the carpeting head to accommodate for any pile carpeting. These models also come with specialized hand tools specific to removing pet hair from upholstered surfaces and specialized filters to remove the pet dander smells. The recommended pet hair models will clean mixed flooring homes. 

Featured Vacuums

Best Fit: Miele C3 Complete Cat and Dog Canister Miele Cat and Dog C3 Complete Canister Vacuum Cleaner Price $949.00 The Miele C3 Complete Cat and Dog is for pet owners with mixed flooring. This model will clean all pile carpeting (even ultra-plush, thick pile carpeting) and all hard flooring. This model comes with an electric carpeting power head, a parquet twister hard flooring attachment, and a handheld pet hair upholstery tool. A special charcoal filter contains a layer of charcoal that helps remove the pet dander odors from your home.
Great Fit: Miele Cat and Dog U1 Dynamic Upright vacuum Cleaner Price $649.00 The Miele U1 Cat and Dog upright is ideal for pet owners with carpeted flooring. The electro brush powerhead dislodges stubborn hair from carpeting, while the charcoal lining in the filter removes odor. The STB 101 mini hand tool gives users the ability to achieve a deep clean on upholstered surfaces.
Great Fit: SEBO K3 Airbelt Pet Vacuum Cleaner Price $859.00 This small compact canister has all the power and tools you need to clean up after your pet. An electric power nozzle rips fur and dander form your carpeting while a parquet floor tool takes care of the hard surface flooring. S-Class filtration helps filter the fine particles broght in by your pet that could be a danger to your home. SEBO also gives you a extra wand for added reach and a hand turbo tool thst is great for removing hair and other debris from upholstered surfaces.

Vacuum features pet owners should consider

When deciding on a vacuum for pet hair you must first analyze your homes flooring and cleaning needs. Do you have carpet, hard flooring or a mix of both? For any surface you have you will need vacuum cleaner that offers good filtration and the ability to remove pet hair from furniture and flooring. A spinning brush roll is a must for upholstered or carpeted surfaces. The bristles on the brush roll grab pet hair from the fibers. For hard flooring you need a vacuum that has powerful suction and effective floor tool. This allows for controlled clean-up and avoids the flinging of pet hair that sometimes occurs when brush rolls are used on hard surfaces.

Below we have listed our pet vacuum recommendations for two different styles of vacuum cleaners. The upright vacuum will suit users who have carpet in their homes, while the canister vacuum style performs much better on hard and mixed flooring surfaces.

Vacuum for Pet hair: what tools and features work best for removal?

For consumers who struggle with obnoxious pet hair there is an answer for you. What you need for pet hair removal from carpeting or furniture is a spinning brush roll. The bristles can get down deep into the fibers of your surface and snatch up pet hair. For homes with carpeting this means either purchasing an upright vacuum cleaner or a canister vacuum with an electric power head. Using a vacuum that only utilizes straight suction will limit your cleaning potential. The stubborn pet hair that gets imbedded deep in your surface fibers will be hard to remove even with the most powerful suctioning vacuum.

Vacuum attachments to help clean up after your pet

When pet owners are purchasing a vacuum, we highly recommend buying a brand that offers a specialized hand held turbo brush. This pet tool attaches to the end of your hose or wand and gives users a small spinning brush roll at the tip of their hands. This means you can rip pet hair from your furniture and other unwanted places with ease. This smaller hand held tool is also handy for many other applications. Cars interiors, carpeted stair casing and pet beds are just a few of the many possible applications. Don’t make cleaning up after your pet harder than it has to be, arm yourself with the correct tools for the job.

How can I get rid of unwanted pet odors?

Vacuum cleaners that are specially designed for pet owners usually have vacuum filters that not only purify the air you breathe, but also can control the odors your pet may have left behind. For instance Miele pet vacuum cleaners put an Active Airclean filter in each of their models. A thin layer of charcoal inside the filter helps release odor free air back into your home. When purchasing a pet vacuum be sure and look for this feature.

Vacuum fragrance is also a popular way of combating pet odors. This method of air freshening is performed by inserting scented tablets or pellets directly into the vacuum bag. When air flows through the vacuum bags and back out into your home, it picks up the scent of whatever fragrance you picked. Lemon lime, mulberry, cinnamon and many other fun good smelling scents are offered. From our experience these vacuum bag fragrances are very effective and provide pet owners with an inexpensive solution to pet odors.

Trouble shooting common problems in pet hair vacuum cleaners

Pet owners need to pay a little bit closer attention to the maintenance of their vacuum cleaners than non pet owners. The main reason is because pet hair gets caught and wrapped around the brush roll on the bottom of your vacuum cleaner. When users do not keep their brush rolls free of hair, the hair can actually melt from the spinning friction. When hair melts on the sides of the brush roll it can freeze up the spinning ability, meaning your left to purchase a replacement brush roll for your vacuum.

Regular vacuum maintenance is also recommended for pet owners. Find your local vacuum store and take your vacuum in for a service from time to time. All the pet hair can cause the vacuum to clog up, drastically effecting your vacuums suction power. If not taken care of your vacuum may overheat or shutoff. This is because the airflow needed for proper vacuum function is blocked. If you do not have access to a repair shop then it is good practice to try and keep your vacuum as clean as possible.