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Vacuums for Hepa

Vacuums for Hepa
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Hepa Vacuum


Features that make for an excellent HEPA vacuum

The definition of HEPA is 99.97%of microns down to 0.3 in size and larger are filtered out. This is usually achieved by the last filter air flows through before getting released into your home. The finest of dust allergens, pollens and other harmful pollutants can be trapped in these quality engineered filters. Look for vacuum cleaners that feature a HEPA filter as an add-on option.

Vacuum bags also play an important part in a HEPA vacuums air filtration. Not all bags are created equal. Many brands offer HEPA vacuum bags that are commonly made of high quality cloth fibers that are excellent for air filtration. The multi-layer construction of these vacuum bags make it hard for dust particles to get through and escape back into your homes air. Another feature some vacuum bags poses is a sealing system for once It is removed. Trapping harmful pollutants is useless if they can just escape during bag disposal. Look for brands that sell vacuum bags capable of being sealed.

Finally for a vacuum to be completely HEPA friendly it must have a sealed air system. Many vacuum cleaners on the market have HEPA vacuum bags and HEPA filters but cannot ensure all the air pushed though these purification steps. The truly great HEPA vacuum cleaners force the air through all these purification steps making sure none can escapes prematurely.


HEPA upright vacuum cleaners

These HEPA upright vacuum cleaners offer industry leading filtration, and are ideal for consumers with carpeted flooring in their homes.

HEPA canister vacuum cleaners

HEPA canister vacuum cleaners provide customers with top level filtration and cleaning abilities on hard anf mixed flooring surfaces.

Featured Vacuums

Best Fit: Miele Marin Canister Vacuum Cleaner Miele Marin C3 Complete Canister Vacuum Cleaner Price $1,099.00 This model just made the Consumer Reports Best Bagged Canister for 2020! The Miele Marin has now made the best canister vacuum list (3) years in a row. This is because the Marin is completely sealed machine that comes preinstalled with a HEPA filter. HEPA filtration is the highest level if filtration you can purchase to clean your homes air. It filters your home air to hospital grade levels. This model comes with an electric power head with (5) height settings, which will allow you to clean all pile carpeting- from super flat to upltra plush. The beauty of an electric power head is you will get a clean deep down into the base of your carpeting- eliminating pathogens and keeping your home more clean. With an additonal pure hard flooring attachment this model is ideal at cleaning your hard surfaces. This model is ideal for users with asthma and/or allergies. Not only does it have the cleaning power to remove harmful household pollutants, but it also has the ability to trap and dispose of them. A HEPA filter, 9-layer cloth HEPA bags and a completely sealed filtration system make this vacuum great for owners with a mixture of hard surface and carpeted flooring.
Best Fit: Miele Blizzard CX1 Cat and Dog Canister Vacuum Cleaner Miele Blizzard CX1 Cat and Dog Canister Vacuum Cleaner Price $899.00 This model just made the Consumer Reports Best Bagless Canister for 2020! The Miele CX1 Blizzard Cat and Dog Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner is ideal for users with mixed flooring and upholstered surfaces and/or carpeted stairs. This bagless canister has brought the cleaning convenience of a canister- just without the bag! This machine comes standard with a lifetime HEPA filter and two flooring attachments: one electric carpeting power head for all pile carpeting, and one hard flooring parquet twister attachment for cleaning all hard flooring. This model has the ability to clean any pile carpeting- even high, ultra plush soft carpeting.

How can I ensure my vacuum is always functioning at HEPA level filtration?

To ensure your vacuum cleaner is always functioning at peak performance, be sure to change your vacuum bags and vacuum filters regularly. When a bag or filter becomes too polluted with dirt and dust it begins to lose maximum effectiveness. Assuming you’re an allergy sufferer you will probably be cleaning with regularity. The best practice here is to come up with a set schedule to change your bags and filters. This will remove the guesswork and you can guarantee your vacuum cleaner is functioning at the highest level.

Are all vacuums that claim to be HEPA equal in performance?

No, definitely not. The word and term HEPA gets thrown around very loosely nowadays. Even though the bags or filters might meet the HEPA filtration standards, this does not mean the vacuum cleaner filters the air as good as another HEPA vacuum might. As mentioned above a sealed air system is crucial. There are also a couple vacuum brands that perform above and beyond the minimum standards required for the HEPA labeling.

Can I turn my current vacuum into a HEPA style vacuum cleaner?

The short answer is yes, usually. Most vacuum cleaners designed for household use, offer consumers the ability to purchase upgraded HEPA bags and filters. Installing these upgraded supplies can take your vacuum filtering to standards that qualify as “HEPA”.

The longer response is that no matter if you change your bags and filters to meet HEPA standards, your vacuum cleaner will never be able purify air as good as a vacuum whose whole design was dedicated to achieving the highest level of air purification. As mentioned before, a sealed air system plays an enormous role in the purification process. The quality of bags and filters the vacuum company offers also makes a difference. Finally the amount of cleaning power a vacuum has can also make a big difference in the air that exists in your home. Powerful vacuums with tons of suction and cleaning power remove more dust and hence filter more air than a vacuum with less suction. Just because a vacuum cleaner blows out HEPA quality air does not mean that your home is free of all dust and particles that HEPA filtration is supposed to filter out. Your vacuum must first be able to achieve those deep cleaning suction levels and then filter the air clean. In this HEPA section we only recommend HEPA vacuum cleaners that meet all of these standards.

Tips for purchasing a HEPA vacuum

First narrow your search for HEPA vacuum cleaners that you know will filter your homes air to the standards and quality that you demand. Know that a $120 dollar Bissell vacuum cleaner from Target is most likely not going to perform anywhere close to the level of a $600 Miele vacuum cleaner. After you decide on a filtration standard, the next step is to begin sorting through the many models and brands until one suits your cleaning needs, fits your budget and gives you everything you’re looking for. Don’t forget to research warranty, average vacuum life span and availability of replacement parts. If you’re going to make an investment in a quality HEPA vacuum cleaner you will want to make sure the company stands behind their product and in case something does brake, you can replace the part with ease.