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Vacuums for Mixed Flooring

Vacuums for Mixed Flooring
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Vacuum Cleaners for Mixed Flooring

Tips for purchasing mixed flooring vacuum cleaners
Do your research or contact us for help. You want a vacuum that can clean your home to a quality that meets your standards. What we want is for you to purchase a vacuum that best protects and showcases the investment you made in your homes flooring.

What exactly does mixed flooring mean?

Mixed flooring is for customers with a combination of hard flooring and carpeting. This can be hard wood surfaces with area rugs layered on top. This can also mean households that have hard flooring downstairs and carpeting upstairs. Now days very few houses only have one style of flooring throughout. We want to educate you to make the correct vacuum cleaner purchase to clean all your flooring surface needs.

Are there vacuums that clean both hard flooring and carpets?

Yes, there is. Which vacuum best suits your needs will depend on what your carpet to hard flooring ratio is. A customer with 75% hard flooring and 25% carpet will need a certain set-up leaning more towards tools designed for their flooring needs. A customer with mostly carpeting might need a completely altered set-up to provide the best cleaning solution for their specific carpet to hard flooring ratio.


Mixed flooring vacuums

Mixed flooring vacuums

Featured Vacuums

Best Fit: miele complete c3 brilliant canister vacuum cleaner Miele Brilliant C3 Complete Canister Vacuum Cleaner Price $1,499.00 The Miele C3 Complete Brilliant Vacuum Cleaner is the top of the line in the Miele Canister line, and it`s also our top pick for mixed flooring homes. This completely sealed, HEPA filtered canister does it all. It comes with 3 flooring attachments: a 5 height adjustable carpeting power head, a combination floorhead for both hard flooring and low pile carpeting, and an XL parquet twisting hard flooring attachments. All cleaning tools are stored inside the body of the machine for easy reach and storage, and the permiter of the machine is lined in a velvet bumper guard. This machine handles all pile carpeting, all hard flooring, and all functions are controlled via an LED lit handle. Paired with an LED lit carpeting head, automatic suction control, and functional auto shut off details, this machine makes cleaning mixed flooring fast, effective, and simple.
Great Fit: Miele C3 Complete Kona Canister Vacuum Cleaner Miele Complete C3 Kona Canister Vacuum Cleaner Price $899.00  The Miele Complete C3 Kona Canister Vacuum Cleaner is one of our favorite models in the Miele C3 line. This completely sealed canister is HEPA filtered, and comes with 2 flooring attachments: a 5 height adjustable carpeting power head and a parquet twisting hard flooring attachment. This models carpeting power head will clean all pile carpeting, and picks up pet hair like a dream. All cleaning attachments are stored inside the body of the machine for easy reach and storage. The perimeter of the machine has a rubber bumper guard, to ensure no scuffs or scrates on your furniture or walls. This model is ideal for customers who want all of the features of the Miele C3 line, and the ability to clean any flooring in their path.
Great Fit: SEBO Airbelt D4 Vacuum Cleaner Price $989.00 This SEBO Airbelt D4 Canister is suitable for all types of flooring. This model comes with 2 flooring attachments: a carpeting power head with 4 height adjustments to clean any carpeting, and a hard flooring parquet floor brush for all hard flooring. This model has rubber castor wheels and a 52 foot cleaning radius!  This model boasts SEBO`s S class hospital grade filtration paired with durable German construction. This model is one of our favorites for cleaning reach, cleaning ability, and versatility. 

What’s the best vacuum set–up for hardwood flooring with some scattered area rugs?

For this we recommend a canister vacuum with a floor tool and another attachment to properly clean your area rugs. You do not need to get an electric power brush canister because your amount of carpet surface does not warrant you spending that type of money. Instead purchase a vacuum that can really deep clean your hardwoods, with a tool or function to adequately clean your area rugs.

What vacuum is needed for my house that has 50/50 carpet to hardwood flooring?

Please take a look at canister vacuums with an electrical power head and a floor tool attachment. You will find a couple of different options when searching electric power heads. The one you need is dependent on what type of carpeting your home has. High, plush and thick carpets need the more expensive height adjusting models, where low pile and thinner carpets can be cleaned with lower price single height power heads. For your flooring tool needs, this is mostly going to rely on personal preference. Wheels, cleaning width and bristle type are all options to consider when floor tool shopping. After you have decided on the correct canister model to fit your needs you can then go from your mixed flooring styles with the simple change the flooring attachment.

What if I love upright vacuums but have mixed flooring in my home?

Yes, you can use an upright vacuum on mixed flooring. We do not recommend it because it cannot do as thorough of a job on the hard surface flooring type. If you are set on an upright vacuum model than make sure it has a brush roll on / off switch. This function allows users to vacuum their hard surface flooring using straight suction only. With a spinning brush roll on hard surfaces, dust and debris tend to get moved around by the wind generated by the fast spinning part. Also there is always the concern that the brush roll can damage some sensitive hard wood surfaces.

Floor combination heads: their pros and cons on mixed flooring

Many brands offer floor tools that have duel hard flooring and carpet functions. Often times these functions are controlled by a switch that activates the different cleaning style the tool possesses. Commonly on the hard flooring setting, bristles are pushed out of the bottom of the tool, providing ideal hard floor cleaning solutions. On the carpet and rug function the bristles contract inward sending a smooth velvet or felt edge outward. This allows the tool to easily slide across rugs and carpets. These tools are great for some users that have certain style carpeting or area rugs. User’s with larger surface areas or higher pile carpeting will want to avoid these tools and opt for a electric power head featuring a spinning brush roll.

Canister vacuums provide customers with cleaning versatility

In our expert opinion canister vacuums usually provide users with the ability to clean mixed surface flooring with a higher level than their upright vacuum counterparts. Made for hard flooring, canister vacuums can also be outfitted with electric power heads that make them equally as efficient on carpeting. Upright vacuums, while superior on carpeting can never achieve the level of precision a canister vacuum can on hard flooring. For this reason alone we recommend customers with mixed flooring take a serious look some canister vacuum options offered below.