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Backpack Vacuums

Backpack Vacuum Cleaners

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What are the advantages of a Backpack vacuum cleaner?

Backpack vacuum cleaners give users excellent maneuverability. The burden of pulling or pushing a machine is avoided by strapping the main canister upon the users back. A long wand and hose are the only parts being held. Backpack vacuums are truly ideal for commercial cleaning in larger areas. Attachments and floor tools are given with each backpack vacuum allowing for specialized cleaning.

Backpack Vacuums

Backpack Vacuums

Backpack vacuum cleaners: Ideal for low pile carpeting and hard flooring

One characteristic that makes backpack vacuum cleaners perform better on short fibrous or hard surfaces is the use of straight suction. No electric power head is connected to the vacuum, meaning that the flooring attachment does not have a spinning brush roll. For customers with high pile carpets to clean, we recommend looking at a more traditional vacuum style. Backpack version vacuum cleaners greatly increase cleaning speed, convenience and comfort when used on the proper cleaning surface.

Common backpack vacuum features

Large vacuum bag: Considering that these vacuum cleaners are generally used for commercial cleaning duties, the large capacity vacuum bags can save time and money.

Long wand: A short hose and long durable wands give users great reach to clean hard to reach places. The wands are made of lightweight metal providing commercial durability while maintain lightweight properties.

Powerful motors: Motors in backpack vacuums are all made with commercial cleaning power in mind. They must create great suction because the cleaning point is much further away from the motor than in traditional vacuum cleaners. Suction must travel from the canister positioned on a users back down through the hose and wand and onto the floor.

Tight quarter cleaning: Backpack style vacuum cleaners allow the cleaning under tables, behind couches and other tight quarter job to be done with ease. Where the wide base of an upright vacuum cleaner would fail to fit, the small maneuverable wand and floor tool of a backpack vacuum can easily fit. Where a rolling canister vacuum cleaner poses the burden of running into furniture, slowing you down or limiting your reach, backpack vacuums remove all these obstacles and potential problems.

Tools and attachments: Floor tools and special attachments always accompany backpack vacuum cleaners. This means users can easily switch from hard floor cleaning to upholstery cleaning with the change of an attachment.

Lightweight canister construction: Backpack vacuums are designed to be strapped on users back. Manufacturers understand this and engineer them to be lightweight yet powerful. Most backpack vacuum cleaners weigh in the 10-15lbs range. This little of weight dispersed evenly through the padded shoulder straps allows users to perform their cleaning tasks as if nothing was holding them back.